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blanktext blanktext
8/29/2021 12:06 PM

What is your honest feedback on the Optibike R15c?

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w4s w4s
8/29/2021 1:23 PM

my honest feedback is that it needs to be killed with fire before it can reproduce.

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mfoga mfoga
8/29/2021 4:46 PM

All I had to read to know this is bad idea.
"It is the fastest electric bike we have ever made, with a top speed of 36MPH and hill climbing ability that is unmatched in the ebike world."

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blanktext blanktext
8/29/2021 5:32 PM

Not a fan of fast or power? They have dual crown version if you are worried.

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mfoga mfoga
8/29/2021 9:25 PM

Not a fan of the idea of idiots running people down at 35mph on a bike that they cant control. A 70lb bike is not going to be easiest bike to control especially at 35mph in the hand of less experienced rider. The idea that anyone could be hiking or riding other direction on that trail just over a min into that video scares me.

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Falcon Falcon
8/31/2021 7:04 AM

I think I'd prefer a 450cc motocross bike for $2,000 less.

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jeff.brines jeff.brines
8/31/2021 8:59 AM

Go buy a segway/surron. Less than 1/2 the money. Faster.

Or yeah, just go buy a real dirt bike. New KTM 300XC is $10.5K.

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Holeshot413 Holeshot413
10/7/2021 5:29 PM
Falcon wrote:

I think I'd prefer a 450cc ...more

Be a perfect backyard Moto machine if you didn’t have 20 acres

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10/8/2021 12:27 PM

Looks like a GREAT bike and looks like a lot of fun...but NOT on public MTB trails. Private land, no problem. MTB trails were never meant to have a bike with a friggin throttle doing 35++ mph on them. I love the entire pedal assist deal. It's when you when you start putting throttles on them and calling them a MTB, no fukn way. You know how easy it would be to take off the cranks and just put pegs on this thing? TRUST me, it would happen.

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