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The little things that make me happy

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11/25/2010 11:29 PM

We all have our little reasons why we love riding. What are yours?

A few of mine:

- Two wheel drifting into a corner, unintentionally, only to hook up traction at the last moment and rail out of the turn.

- Cruising back to the car after a good ride, doing little cutties along the way.

- Discovering your helmet straps, hair, and the sides of your face have crystallized salt all over them after a long day of riding.

- Finally nailing that technical section that has been giving you trouble.

- Crashing head over heals, realizing you're fine, and then having a good laugh about how retardly awesome it was.


11/26/2010 7:52 AM

i like being able to get away. i'll always prefer the solo mission over a group ride.

also, this summer i realized how much i LISTEN during my rides and runs...almost forgetting what i'm looking at and concentrating on the noises of the tires, dirt, rocks and bike. (sorry, i don't understand how people ride with headphones).



11/26/2010 7:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:19 AM

It's not so much a little thing but as much as I like riding with friends- I thoroughly enjoy going riding by my damn self. It's so nice to just go push myself up a climb as hard as I want, rest at the top until I feel like I'm not going to have a stroke, and then cruise back down at my own pace. It's the one escape I've always had to get away from the concerns of real life. It's totally an ostrich burying its head tactic but I love being isolated out on a trail and not knowing where the next closest person is in the world. That's been a pretty big thing that makes me happy while riding.

Little thing- hearing my bike work, the chain turning away, my hub ratcheting, my tires biting the dirt, suspension soaking up the big hits. I hate clapped out bike sounds but hearing a well working machine do its job is so satisfying.

Dammit, Spomer beat me to the bike noise and hermit thing.


11/26/2010 8:05 AM

LOL, that's rich we said the same thing.


11/26/2010 8:57 AM

It's the squirrels. Squirrels are cute. Squirrels are my friends. I like to go see them and say hi.


11/26/2010 9:35 AM

I'm with all three of you guys.

To add some more:

The sound of the dirt being plowed out of the way in a corner and sluffing into trailside shrubbery (BRING ME....A SHRRRUBERRY!).

Scandi flicking a corner and raging way harder than you meant to. (manual/wheelie out adds to the steez and excitement).

Trail gaps i.e. double up roots and rocks.

Blasting through tree branches and other flora to grab the inside line.

Putting down the power on the straights.

Any time is it "the best ride evarrrr" b/c it was just a great f'in day.


11/26/2010 9:38 AM

I think you'll find that alot of people who truly love riding also love riding solo... especially on a mountain or away from any of modern civilization's many distractions. It's a way to connect to in a world where everything seems so disconnected.

That and I have a need for speed and hang time.


The MTB paradigm:

ride (build+maintain) = a sh!tload of fun.

"Too weird to live... too rare to die" (H. Thompson)

11/26/2010 10:40 AM

Following someone that's way faster or better than you and relearning how to ride a bike in the process of trying to survive.

The sound of sideknobs tearing hardpacked dirt apart is my favorite noise of all time.


11/26/2010 1:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/4/2011 5:12 PM

The thought of a cold beer waiting at the end of a run is always good, especially if theres more than one. There usually is. hehe

Passing your buddies anywhere on the trail.

The smell of the forest and fresh mountain air


11/27/2010 8:26 AM

the different sounds and feeling of getting something done that i have been trying for a while


11/27/2010 8:50 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/27/2010 8:53 AM

cold beers with friends and endless single track! hell, even a rad mellow cruise with my dogs. give me 2-wheels and dirt and it's all good


"Flow like water.."

11/28/2010 12:21 AM

-Just knowing you have something dialed, not matter how small the stunt, feature, obstacle may be. and this is a pretty universal thing, just knowing that youve mastered something and ready to move onto greater things

-riding so good, you cant help yourself but make strange and loud heckles (LOL)

-smiles for miles while riding

-roosts of the yin-yang

-stopping and taking the time to observe the minute details in nature, a banana slug steezin on a branch, a small spider in its web, or the imprint of every knobby in a rut....

its the small shit that makes me fall in love with nature and biking and remember why i do what i do


two wheels, one love.