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Strong bike frame

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12/26/2013 3:39 AM

I notice a lot of downhill bike has a huge hole on the seat tube for the shock to go through, are those frame by any chance weaker than the ones without. Also, some downhill bike are made out of 6000 series alloy and some, top secret shenanigans, should you buy those at all?


12/26/2013 9:53 PM

All bike frames are rigorously tested by the manufacturer, that is why most bikes come with warranties, they know there proudct will not (99% of the time) break. If a company had a week frame there would be no warente because if that week frame kept breaking they would have to replace it. Your best bet is to look for a frame with a life time guaranty, my dads old trek had it and because the bike was so old they werent able to replace it (because it was a older model) they gave him the money for a new bike. This way you dont have to worry about stregnth because they are all tested and if you do snap a frame you will recive a new one. Also keeping up on simple suspension maintenance keeps then suspension working better putting less stress on both you and the frame.