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Start of the Downhill Family....

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7/28/2014 5:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/28/2014 5:05 PM

Hello everyone at VitalMTB! I'm new here and just going to introduce myself to the community really fast before I ask for the advice and help from you all.

Names Mike.
20 years old, 165 lbs. 5' 11''
grew up in the desert and rode bmx bikes (dirt side) for about 5 years.

I am currently wanting to move into the downhill community and I have been doing so very fast but with that comes problems haha I have all the gear (helmet, gloves, pads) but currently looking for a new bike now that I understand my bike isn't to well for the job.

I own a Diamondback Overdrive Comp 2014 29er and I pretty much only go downhill biking with it but from reading before hand I read that hardtails will make you better! So i decided to go with that but realized it definetly is a XC bike but I am still manging to go at pretty decent speeds and choose wise line choices downhill.

So my question is should I stick with this bike because I am doing pretty well with it or go ahead and get an amatuer downhill bike like the Specialized Intense, Giant Glory 2 (2013)or a YT (cheapest downhill one of course) to boost my skills? Any other reccomendations for bikes would be awesome but those 3 have caught my eye due to the fact i can afford them, they all have crown forks and all are around $3300. I don't plan on spending more than 4k if possible and since I'm not a pro I definetly do not need a $8,000+ bike lol

One last question, do i go for a 27.5 or 26er? I'm worried that switching to a 26er could be a little rough at first becuase I have been riding a 29er so far, but then again I think it could also relate to the BMX part of my life being a smaller and more nimble bike.


7/29/2014 9:05 AM

Welcome to the family Mike. I'm gonna say to stick with a 26 inch bike. Given your experience on 20's, any added roughness is gonna disappear under the suspension, and the 26's will be stronger for a beginner to bash on. You'll also be able to find way more options on the market, both new and used. That YT looks pretty sweet.


7/30/2014 9:52 AM

what you COULD do is get a Black Market Roam and it ts compatible with 26, 27.5, and 29 wheels


7/30/2014 11:10 AM

It sounds like you've built up some solid base skills. Stepping up to a true DH bike will enable you to really get after it. The transition from hardtail to DH bike will blow your mind (in a good way).


7/30/2014 11:52 AM

Thanks for all the help so far, looks like I'm very convinced on a 26er bike and currently am trying to sell my 29er, as for the Black Market Roam I think I am going to stick with a 26er so no need for the swapping! But I would like to believe I have built solid base skills! I hit a pretty crazy trail here in San Diego this last weekend called Noble Canyon, about an hour and a half long trail mostly all downhill and pretty technical, but the uphill was a 3 hour hike! Well worth it and no crashes :D

Any recommendations for a 26er hardtail bike that is very similiar to a downhill bikes geometry and travel compared to my 29er XC bike? I would really like to get a 26er hardtail with a good amount of travel so I can learn with the 26er's downhill geometry and size instead of my 29er's not so downhill geometry and not so much travel. That way when I convert over I will have the feel for the 26er bikes and still have some time to practice with a hardtail.

OR do I just go ahead and convert to the full suspension now and keep learning with that to improve my skills? I just want to become the best I can be and not have the bike riding me as some people would say!