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Specialized p2 conversion to bmx cranks

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5/6/2015 10:06 PM

Hello, I've been searching the Internet and calling bike shops but nobody will give me a solid solution. ive got a specialized p2 aluminum. I've done some simple economy mods to convert it to a dirt jumper (spacers in the rear and removal of all excess gears to make it a single speed) but I want to convert to a bmx style 3 piece crank. Does anyone know of a simple solution that's not gonna break the bank? My BB is Euro but is threaded.


5/7/2015 4:35 AM

just google bb euro 73mm cranks and there should be tons of options out there


5/7/2015 8:28 AM

I used to run Profile cranks on my street, trials and dirt jump bikes for years and years. Almost every BMX crank maker offers a threaded euro BB. Check out Dan's Comp. The only hard fit I ever did was Profiles on my Santa Cruz Super 8. But it wasn't so hard because Profile even offers a 180mm spindle.


5/8/2015 8:50 AM

I should point out that axle/crank overlap is of key importance to the strength of your BMX crank set up. A standard BMX spindle generally won't cut it. Profile makes a slightly longer one for general MTB use, as well as the crazy long one for DH. I'd look into a set of Deity cranks. They're BMX styled but designed for MTB.