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Specialized & The Global Climate Strike - Marketing BS or Meaningful Initiative

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9/24/2019 9:45 PM

1 volcano emits decades of CO2 in 1 eruption just 1 eruption will release the equivalent of decades worth of our yearly output of CO2


9/25/2019 12:42 AM

Pedal4life wrote:

What are you willing to give up? This is the question we need to be asking if we really want change try running your air conditioner a lot less, monitor your water usage much more closely drive less “What Are You Willing To Give Up” nobody that I have spoken with is willing lots of talk but no substance just blah blah blah

I asked my wife if she was willing to give up 5000 words a day,,,, I had to give up the bed for the couch.....

I've already given up carbon or anything resembling a new bike...... wasn't in the budget....


9/25/2019 7:43 PM

The fight to end climate change was lost 20 years ago. Climate change is already inevitable.

The best we can hope for now is to try to slow down the inevitable. And at this stage, the only impactful and practical change that we can implement with today's technology is to move most of the world to modern (i.e. cleaner and safer) nuclear power.

* * *

Btw, I hope all those who helped (and are helping) science denialists from the late 70's to today die a slow and painful death.


10/23/2019 2:28 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/23/2019 2:29 AM

A problem is that in bike parts most of the value is not in the part itself but in the infrastructure to deliver this part to the customer.
As a result, it's most of the time outrageously cheaper to buy something new than to fix the old.
Companies don't see value in providing affordable replacement, reparable parts and they price them out of reach of the customer. There is also lots of overhead to deal with such an inventory
It's not a competitive advantage the media would elaborate, not a marketing point... (there are some exceptions about product claiming to be user-serviceable). The companies not offering user-serviceable and spare parts are rarely called oud but they are praised for innovating and delivering an extra 1% of performance.

It's also cheaper to manufacture something in Asia and ship it in the US than to pay anybody in the US to fix it.