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Snake season

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2/28/2016 9:21 PM

Those of us in the western states should keep alert, starting now. I met up with one of these guys today. He coiled up and rattled full speed. I was practically on top of him before I even saw/heard what was going on... I had to bolt right by and could have stepped on him if I unclipped.
Make noise and ride in groups!



2/29/2016 7:42 AM

Glad you're OK. Where I ride there are rattlesnakes too, but thankfully I haven't seen one yet. Carry a snake bite kit. Snakes are the worst...


2/29/2016 8:38 AM

rattlers all over these parts. in 25 yrs of riding i've seen maybe 3 and heard maybe 3 more. they're out there but never seem to be the terror i read about year after year.


2/29/2016 11:50 AM

Ugh... when I'm riding solo here in SoCal all I can think about is running up on a rattler. I've seen so many over the years and have had a few very close calls.

I went down pretty hard after gooning a ravine gap. Was gonna go nose heavy on the landing so I bailed, still landed on my side and head and slid down the landing. My bud who was riding in front started screaming at me from up the trail about 20ft. Still out of it with my head ringing I finally heard the loud rattling sound from a few feet away from my head. I instantly jumped up and ran. Damn thing was under my bike, which had cartwheeled just past me and was only about 3 feet from my head. It was coiled and could have nailed me had it wanted to. It took us like 10min to coax it off the trail and away from my bike. It never stopped rattling, even when it moved into the shrubs. Grabbing my bike with the super loud rattling was terrifying.


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