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Shawn Neer

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7/28/2015 9:10 PM

How is Shawn not getting more attention? He won a ProGRT on a trail bike, was top 5 at Snowshoe and besides the fact everyone knows he is dirty on a 20 there is zero information out there on this dude. I want to see what he does at a WC with a proper bike. Would be cool to see another American besides the Neko Gwin dreamteam in the mix (yes I know Luca is killing it too).

Since I'm washed up and never amounted to anything I just want to see those who demonstrate aptitude to going down a mountain really fast on a bike get the support/attention/resources to compete. #Merica.


7/29/2015 2:10 AM

Shawn will be at MSA on a proper DH bike (hint hint). He'll crush it. One of the most dialed riders I've ever met, and only getting better with age and experience.


7/29/2015 8:36 AM

when he won the progrt a few weeks ago, i tried to find video of him blasting at the skatepark on his bmx to post. nothing online really.

i'm stoked to have witnessed him go 400 feet out of boulder and louisville parks in person, #neerforlife