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Sag and Negative Travel - Discuss

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2/3/2018 9:47 PM

So let’s say we had a fork with 220 of travel but bike manufacture say bike best set-up with a 200mm travel fork set @ 30% sag so you could get to this point of small bump & better contact with the ground when it gets sloppy


5/7/2018 6:19 PM

I had to come out of lurker heaven to tell you how wrong you are. How very very wrong. How ashamed you should feel for having such terrible ideas.

My current adrenaline fix is in enduro, the kind with a 450cc motor, and whenever I try to explain that I'd like something that doesn't have 40% sag because I want to better connect with the terrain on my Yamaha, and how my Trek Session had maybe 15% sag I'd get funny looks and "This is how dirt bikes are set up". You take your heathen ways and you strap them to a motor, and leave the pure, being able to pump the backside of a rock lyfe alone.