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11/26/2019 3:49 AM

I’m in ED waiting on stitches (or glue, apparently.)

A minor face plant has caused my Rudy Project glasses to deeply lacerate my nose.
Not a great outcome for expensive glasses designed for cycling.

It probably helps explain the MX goggles I see being worn.

It’s often hot where I ride, Australia, I’ll try my Oakley MX goggles but suspect they will be hot/sweaty. (And a bit goofy)

Any other suggestions?

I’m getting very sick of the emergency department.
Trying to come back after 2.5 months off following MTB induced surgery. I could have done without this....


11/26/2019 8:32 AM

I'm currently using Oakley Jawbreakers. Where I ride, temps are usually 27-34°C and 70-90% humidity. It's comfy and has good ventilation, lenses tend to bubble and peel over time, though.

I've also heard good feedback in my area regarding the Oakley Flight Jacket and the 100% Speedcraft but I have yet to try one on during a ride.


11/26/2019 6:28 PM

I've been riding the 100% RaceCraft goggles for about a year now in all weather conditions with no complaints. I also know Loic Bruni rides with the Armega's (also from 100%) so I'd imagine they're pretty reliable.

They even have a little nose guard, which really serves no purpose and is removable but personally I think they look neat.

Either way I definitely recommend switching to goggles over glasses.


11/27/2019 4:31 PM

Thanks for the replies.
Luckily the wound was less severe than suspected, and didn’t require stitches.

In the name of “getting back on the horse” I rode yesterday. Wearing my MX goggles. (Nice and soft on the wound, and unlikely to contribute in the way the glasses did.)

These are likely to become my standard gear.

Looking like I’ve been in a losing fight, has made me consider a full face helmet.
Any recommendations or info?
Interested in good ventilation and light weight. Use an Aeroh for MX - crazy lightweight. (Arai for road racing - tarmac is hard, speeds are high)

I like my Bell MIPS Super 3. Is it correct I can get a face guard for it?

And have just been riding in a Fox “dropframe” which is ok for comfort, but seems to run a little “small” - I run a “large” in all sorts of helmets. The “large” Fox feels slightly tight, even when fitted with all the thinner pads. Seems to be “settling in” ok now.

Keep riding, and smiling.


11/27/2019 4:44 PM

hey skypig, glad to know you're doing ok. we did a lightweight fullface round up earlier this year w/ lots of info,2616

i recently got a hold of bell super air R which is pretty nice. i never actually take the faceplate off, but the option is there. have ridden in a fox proframe which was nice, too. size large in bell, fox and TLD (A2) all fit me similarly.

you are correct that you can get a chin bar for your super 3 r, search "Bell Super 3R/2R Chinbar" and you should get some info. that seems like an easy way to go if you already like that helmet.


11/27/2019 9:13 PM

sspomer - thanks for the info


11/28/2019 4:25 PM

I bought a Fox ProFrame based on the review and the fact the LBS had one to try on.

Seems good after one ride, and working out to poke the drink tube through the front, not under.


12/4/2019 10:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/4/2019 10:42 AM

Healing vibes, skypig. I wish you the best with recovery and confidence on the bike.

I recently had a 10 out of 10 faceplant that also resulted in several deep lacerations to my face from a pair of Smith PivLock Arena Max sunglasses and possibly some sharp rocks. Wound up with ~40 stitches. There is a big gouge in the lens. Luckily the lens didn't break in the middle from the impact, although the nose piece did, allowing the glasses to press into my nose and forehead. It also snapped an arm off and the sharp edge may have been what sliced me up near my lip.

This experience sent me in search of a new helmet and safer eyewear with a rim to hopefully prevent deep cuts in the future. Ideally, I want something that meets the ANSI Z87+ impact standard with a polycarbonate lens, full-frame (or at least a fixed nose piece), flat frame color with no optical distortion. Looking good and having a photochromic lens would be nice bonuses.

Unfortunately, options are really limited in this space. These are among the best I found:

Like you, I decided a lightweight full face and googles is the best way to go. The TLD Stage was my choice for a helmet.

Smith and POC both make goggles that breathe really well thanks to no foam around the top/bottom/sides. Paired with your new full face you'll be pretty stoked and fog less when pedaling. Alternatively, you can cut/rip the foam out of your MX goggles if it's an issue.,88/Smith/Squad-MTB,18120

Ride safe.


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12/4/2019 12:50 PM

Wow - I’m rating my face plant 4/10 based on your scale!!

Thanks for the info.

I’m finding the MX goggles and the Fox full face ok, so far.
The goggles are a bit hot when stopped, or going slow - I’ll look at the Smith and POC offerings.

I’ve been stopping a lot as I’m having “lessons”.
I’ve done 2 of 9 lessons of the (1 on 1, customized) “Total Rider Program” from HIT Bikes, Caloundra, QLD.
Matt is such a good instructor. I’m stoked with the program so far.

I think it was mentioned in the Helmet test linked above - no where to put the goggles up on the Helmet. (Possibly “backwards” but even then, the flat shape above peak mightn’t hold the strap.


12/4/2019 1:30 PM

You can pull the goggles down to hang around your neck if you want to have them off. Or, just do what I do and get a pair that are so comfy you don't care if they're on. For me that means a smaller goggle without a nose guard, so I can breathe well and feel air around my face. I've been using my old (OLLLLD) Spy Alloys for MTB with my full face lately.

One additional benefit to wearing the goggles is that they soak up a lot of sweat and you won't get it in your eyes.


12/4/2019 8:44 PM

More good tips - thanks.

I have been liking the goggles already.
Sweat has been a problem, and as Falcon mentioned, the googles are far less prone to “sweat issues” (Water on the inside of the lens) so far.

Smile while riding folks!!


12/20/2019 8:42 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/20/2019 8:55 PM


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12/20/2019 8:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/20/2019 8:58 PM

There is a huge selection of industrial eye protection this is my prefered eye wear and there cheap you can replace them more often so if its scratched just replace don't risk your vision!


12/20/2019 10:08 PM

Pedal4life wrote:

There is a huge selection of industrial eye protection this is my prefered eye wear and there cheap you can replace them more often so if its scratched just replace don't risk your vision!

Like my, what seemed like, well padded Rudy Project glasses, I’d be concerned about many of the industrial eye protection options (Which I’ve worn many times) Cutting into my nose with a face plant type impact.

The glasses caused significant nose damage (cut) in my case.

MX goggles are much safer in this area. But hot at low speed.


12/20/2019 10:22 PM

I agree there are many reasons that goggles are safer but for me when pushing and/or carrying my bike sun glasses became the norm for me & I carry 2 or 3 with me based on what I think available light will be so once I'm riding I'm not blinded by Mr Sun