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sspomer sspomer
3/17/2010 8:50 PM

SRAM/Rockshox are pumping out more press releases than anyone can keep up with. now it's the new 150mm travel Rockshox Sektor All Mountain Fork


• Travel: 130, 140, 150mm (Solo Air, Coil), 100-140mm or 110-150mm
• Damping: Motion Control (RL), TurnKey lockout (TK) and external rebound
• Forged, hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum crown
• 32mm 7075 aluminum upper tubes
• Redesigned external rebound adjuster
• 9mm QR, 15mm Maxle Lite, 20mm Maxle Lite
• 1 1/8” Aluminum steerer, 1 1/8” to 1.5” tapered aluminum steerer, 1.5”
aluminum steerer.
Pictured: Sektor RL - Solo Air, 150mm, 26” Maxle Lite 20mm, White/Red, Motion Control
Crown Adjust, Alum Steerer 1 1/8”, Disc (includes - pump) - 1966 g (4.33 lb)

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Simcik Simcik
3/17/2010 8:56 PM

Will this be replacing the pike and revelation? And it looks like they are doing a QR15 now...interesting!

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sspomer sspomer
3/17/2010 9:03 PM

i also wonder what the price range's the other text w/ the press release

"This new sleek trail suspension from RockShox can only be described as
a modern fork that transcends all. With a diverse range of options and an
amazing price to performance ratio, this trailblazer can hang with its more
refined counterpart, RockShox very own Revelation.

Revelation set the bar for all front suspension that performs in the 150mm
travel arena. To continue the RockShox promise we had to work hard to uphold
performance and low weight in such an affordable fork. The “outside the box”
approach in spring and weight development really tells a story about creativity
and innovation in product development.

Sektor is about choice and being able to acquire a product that performs for
your trail riding needs. We start with the 9mm QR, 15x100 or 20x110 Maxle Lite
offerings and then provide you three spring options; Coil, Solo Air and U-Turn.
This fork offers affordable and exciting options."

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MattD MattD
3/17/2010 9:22 PM

Looks sick. Are those postmount brake mounts too?

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3/18/2010 5:05 AM

Kinda strange to me... but well after revelation got 150 and having a Lyrik up there, Pike became a bit... obsolete? why would someone buy PIKE? So maybe that's the answer.

Still... somebody please R&D a RELIABLE, air sprung travel adjustment for 7" forks, preferably with independently adjustable po and negative chambers. No U-Turn-air, ATA, Talas and especialy 2step are not reliable enough, brake bumps are killing those systems.

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3/18/2010 8:46 AM

Sounds like it is a price point fork coming in below the Revelation but in the same category. Rockshox definitely has a lot of overlap in their line. It can be a minor inconvenience when trying to sell the stuff to people, but I love it when getting stuff for myself, don't have to compromise on what your looking for. For example, let say you want a 20mm axle, 120mm travel air fork for your 4X or trail bike. You could get a revelation, recon, reba, lyric, sektor, or argyle all configured exactly that way. Where as with Fox your only choice is the 36 Float. My next fork... revelation team dual air shortened to 100mm for the dj bike, it's gonna be tasty.

The Pike is still on the Sram site, but I don't think they are producing any more.

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sspomer sspomer
3/18/2010 2:35 PM

here's pricing

Sektor RL - Solo Air, 150mm, 26" Maxle Lite 20mm, White/Silver, Motion
Control Crown Adjust, Alum Steerer 1 1/8", Disc (includes - pump) MSRP -
USD $471.00

Sektor RL - Coil U-Turn, 110-150mm, 26" Maxle Lite 15mm, White/Silver,
Motion Control Crown Adjust, Alum Steerer 1 1/8", Disc MSRP -
USD $417.00

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3/23/2010 11:43 AM

So basically it's replacing the bottom half of the pike line while the revelation replaces the top half.

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bturman bturman
3/24/2010 7:07 PM

I spy . . .


. . . a dual crown Domain???

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acetil acetil
7/22/2011 11:41 PM

After purchasing a Ragley Piglet frame from chainreactioncycles, I went to to have my brand new rock shox recon u-turn installed.When the mechanic cut the fork pipe, it was so short that it would not come out the other side of the bike.The shop offered to weld it back on and I started to laugh.Than they offered to exchange it for an used pike u-turn, once again I refused the offer.The shop finally gave me a sektor u-turn 110-150.A week after riding the bike to the office I took my Piglet to a light off road open muddy field.Half an hour later the fork just droped.I put the lock on the fork and barley managed to get to a gas station to wash the mud off and see what happened.The next day the fork was at the shop again.At the shop I was told sram does not allow 150mm forks on hardtails but they will overlook it, and that I will also have to pay for some parts because the fork was power washed.Also the shop gave me to use the same pike
u-turn.They also told me,this first time, that the fork does not work.Since was not authorised by Sram to fix the sektor the fork had to be sent to .During the three weeks I had to wait for the fork to be repaired at the Sram authorised dealer,I purchased a bike for my daughter from the same shop, I sent them new customers that purchased a new bike from them.When I asked why it took such a long time, I was told that the Sram mechanics had a race to go to.Also I was told that I had to ride aggressively because the fork lock does not work and it might start working, if the lock does not work I should bring the fork back for repairs. Will I ride my bike .....ever?

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Matthew_Vale Matthew_Vale
8/2/2011 12:30 AM

The only time my lockout hasnt worked is when i've had the bike inverted and the oil isnt sitting where it's supposed to be. A few pumps up and down to the the fluid moving and its good to go.

I'd find another shop...

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