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Road tires on mountain bike ?

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3/10/2014 4:59 PM

Hey I am new here and this is my first post. My name is Zach and I live in British Columbia, Canada.

I just bought a Haro V1 Series mountain bike (front suspension, v-brakes). I want to get into touring, and since I can't afford a touring bike I bought a MTB instead. I will be cycling mainly on pavement (highways, roads, etc.), but I will also need to do some light/ medium trails in order to find a off road campsite. I figure it is best to put some "slicks" on my MTB, because my current tires are more off road oriented.

Question is: Can you please suggest some good tire options for 80% road cycling, 20% off road?

Thank y'all for the help!!!


3/10/2014 9:08 PM

i'm recommending a tire based on no experience w/ it or that kind of riding, but a quick google search led to a schwalbe marathon tire. seems close to what you'd want and may help you find others like it