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Ridiculous Trials Maneuvers at 380 Meters Above Ground

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7/26/2011 12:52 AM

I have no idea what he's saying, but this is absolutely NUTS:


7/26/2011 9:06 AM

holy crap. i'm sick to my stomach. that is insane!


7/26/2011 9:41 AM

I was glad to see them roped in. I wonder if any of them needed to use them and or dropped a bike?


7/26/2011 5:46 PM

Wow, I would have a hard time standing next to the open door at that height.



7/30/2011 8:23 AM


The gimmick here is consequence, which was in reality non-existant. Any mediocre trials rider can get on the rear wheel and hop in a little circle. I was hoping to see a base jump rig on somebody.

Afraid of heights?