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sspomer sspomer
1/9/2019 10:21 AM

OK, mind blown here. They say this won't be a product, that it's just for testing and learning, but I say, YEAH RIGHT! If cars are driving themselves, two-wheelers will be too. Let's throw up some doomsday scenarios for the future of this tech when it hits mountain bikes (let's say 2027)
- Races being won because the bike helped minimize mistakes that the rider made.
- People on trails, hands off the bars, looking at their phones (will phones even be a thing in 2027?) as the bike does all the turning, climbing, braking and descending.
- Mid-air selfies
- Pastrana doing sextuple flips while taking an afternoon nap in the saddle.
- A riderless bike that has a bigger social media following than any actual rider.
- These bikes taking dogs off leash at the trails while the owner sits in the car with a virtual reality headset on to get the experience.

Hopefully the riderless bikes don't suffer the same hate as their four-wheeled Waymo cousins, getting hassled and heckled on the trail. What if a bike has a bad day, taking it easy up the hill but another bike is searching for that KOM. Does one run the other off trail?

Let's hear more doomsday scenarious because it's fun to be scared of new things we don't understand.

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T-Dawg T-Dawg
1/9/2019 3:36 PM

I wouldn’t mind if my bike could, for example - calculate the probability of success or failure when i’m at the top of some new bike park’s freeride trail,etc. Like if you hiked to the top of Brendawg’s or Zink’s line at Rampage..... and the bike calculates:

Probability of:
Death= 1 in 10
Serious injury = 1 in 6
Crashing = 1 in 3
Taco’d Rim = 1 in 2

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loganskis loganskis
1/10/2019 10:39 PM
T-Dawg wrote:

I wouldn’t mind if my bike ...more

Your brain can do that. Instead of numbers it gives you fear and adrenaline tho.

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