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Rekon Race 2.2 X 29

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8/1/2020 11:11 AM

I just bought an Intense new 2019 Sniper XC. I got to ride it for the first time Friday and I really like it. Super light and fast bike. I have been riding a Yeti SB150 but mostly on trail rides in San Diego.

The Sniper came with 2.2 Maxxis Rekon tires. I set the wheels up tubeless when I assembled the bike. The front tire had a leak in the sidewall that wouldn't self seal so Intense is sending a replacement. Intense only had a Race version in stock so I'll run it on the rear wheel.

My question is tire pressure with a tubeless set up. These tires have much lighter sidewalls and are of course narrower then what I normally run. I weigh in at 180 and ride the dry, hard pack and rocky terrain here in San Diego. What pressure should I run? How low can I go with it? I was thinking of 28psi to start.

What do you experts run on similar sized tires and wheels?


8/4/2020 5:14 AM

Seems about right to me, maybe a little high. I guess it's better to err on the side of caution with these things. Run them on 28 and then slowly back off a bit until you find the sweet spot. I weigh about the same as you (175) and I ran 23psi in 2.25 Smallblock-8's on my old Niner. But I also was riding in much different terrain than you. Not sure how to set up for that type of terrain.