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Rear Tektro Disc brake not clutching at all .. ??

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11/28/2011 7:09 PM

I`ve got the new MTB ...with tektro draco disc brake.
Yet my rear disc brake not clutching at all, even done bleeding and change new brake pad ...
izit the rotor faulty .. ?
please guide me on how to solve my matter ....
thank you ...


11/29/2011 10:39 AM

This is really a question for the Mechanic's Corner, but I'll try to shed some light here. First off, it would be good to know what you mean by "Not clutching at all". If by that you mean that the pads don't move enough to hit the rotor at all, then it is a hydraulic issue, and you need to check all of the connections and re-bleed the system, and make sure that all of the air is out and all seals are holding. If you mean that the pads are moving and touching the rotor, but not stopping you at all, then it may very well be the rotor. You have to be crazy careful not to get any grease, oils or brake fluid on it or it will foul the pads and not stop you. It's hard to get a rotor clean once it's oily but it is sometimes possible. There are two methods that I've seen work in the past. First I'd try a generous application of high proof rubbing alcohol, the 90% stuff if you can find it, and rinse well with water. And I suppose that a can of brake cleaner might work too. The second thing I've seen work is to use a small torch to burn away any oils that might be left. Be careful not to heat the rotor too much or it can warp. You just need enough heat to burn off the oil. If you look closely you can see it burning off ahead of the flame. And sadly, you'll probably have to refresh the brake pads again because if it was a dirty rotor, it will have fouled the new pads that you have.


11/29/2011 6:11 PM

Yea, I mean "not clutching at all" is the pads are moving and touching the rotor, but not stopping me at all.
I think my chain lubricant touch the brake pad and rotor, and that may foul the pads and not stopping me at all.
Will get some alcohol today and clean it (maybe soap it for few hrs...).
Thank you for your advise....big bird.