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X Games Real MTB 2022, what do you hope to see?

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4/29/2021 5:38 PM

I was so stoked when they announced it, and thought it was insane. Too much stuff to list, but some absolutely nutty stuff in there. Zink's opening flip, DJ closing 3, Brage's whole video. I enjoyed all the videos, big props to all the riders and everyone involved in making them happen.

Hoping that it got enough attention and views that they will do the contest again. I pay attention to the Real Ski stuff too, but don't know exactly how it works. I think that gold and fan favorite get automatic invites back the next year? Could be wrong. But who else would you hope to see in there?

My number one person I want to see in it is Kade Edwards. Imagine I am not alone in that.
Casey Brown would be able to put out a banger.
Andreu Lacondeguy would go wild I'm sure.

I like Calvin Huth's videos, would be stoked to see him make one.

Obviously a ton of people out there who can throw down, just curious who people would be stoked for on riders/ filmers/ locations.


4/30/2021 7:26 PM

Gee. His last 3 video parts were insane. Would love to see him there.

Chriss akrigg. He’s put out many bangers. Would love to see him do a few more commited moves again. But his style translates well to camera and he is creative as hell when it comes to his parts. If they are interested in another trials guy akrigg is the best in the business at mtb trials.

Zink brage and Brandon should all be back imo.

Hannah bergman would be my choice of female rider. Her ripping on some fresh pnw trails with some hefty jumps would be amazing


4/30/2021 7:59 PM

bulletbass man wrote:

Gee. His last 3 video parts were insane. Would love to see him there.

Chriss akrigg. He’s put out many bangers. Would love to ...more

+1 on the hannah bergman, she has some serious steeze on the big jumps. I agree on Zink and Brage back next time but could do without brandon. His video parts (besides his raw 100's) are all getting repetitive and feel overproduced for a competition called real mtb. It would be sick to see Kade, Jasper Penton (If anyone can track him down), and maybe more younger/newer riders that could use the kickstart in their careers.


5/1/2021 4:57 AM

fairclough, kerr..raw.


5/1/2021 9:17 AM

RACER'S! Include a few to mix up the content a bit. Sure the freeride stuff is rad but how about a Armaury Pieron slaying DH or Sam Hill.... All the drifts!


5/1/2021 10:09 AM

I hope to see a full women’s roster. Having only one woman in the mix is lame. Veronique Sandler’s edit was rad, would love to have seen Casey Brown, Hannah. Bergman, Samantha Soriano, Makayla Gator, Vaca Verbeek, and a bunch of other rippers!


5/1/2021 5:35 PM

Kade Edwards, Andreu Lacondeguy


5/1/2021 6:45 PM

Hope to see a Real MTB edit, not slope style win.


5/1/2021 6:56 PM

One word. Mitch.

It's what the people want.


5/1/2021 7:35 PM

i want to see more of up and coming riders


5/2/2021 7:47 AM

Dylan Stark!


5/2/2021 8:45 AM

1. Fabio Wibmer 2. Hannah Bergman 3. Gee Atherton 4. Jackson Riddle 5. Carson Storch 6. Vinny T


5/2/2021 1:00 PM


Any of the top female dh racers!!!

Thought it would be cool if they could film a little throughout the year(assuming they have more of a heads up). Seemed like some were stuck with cold weather conditions.

Loved em all though! Glad to see something mtb in the xGames again


5/3/2021 6:37 AM

Lots of good ones already said. Would love to see a racer like Amaury. Kade, Dylan Stark, Kyle Strait, Remy Metailler


5/3/2021 1:02 PM

1) Dylan Stark 2) Kade Edwards 3) Jasper Penton 4) Fabio 5) Szymon Godziek 6) Emil


5/3/2021 1:38 PM

dannyboybiker wrote:

Dylan Stark!

He gets rad on whatever he rides, mans has such good style


5/3/2021 9:56 PM

Remy Morton!


5/5/2021 1:11 AM

No slopestyle.

Emil (I know, the irony)
Jasper Penton
Matt Row
Brendan Fairclough
Finn Illes
Remy Morton
Remy Metailler