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10/7/2013 8:38 PM

Rampage is coming. I was hoping to finally get out there as a digger until the three man team rule came out. One wish dashed. But I have others and I'm sure you do too. Here's mine. Last year with no three man build team rule Brandon Semenuk and family sculpted an astounding line that dropped, gapped and twisted. He stomped it soundly, but it was probably the only straight air that he did all year. This year I'd love to see him make use of that general line and that gap in particular, but this time add some trickiness. Downside whip? 270 drop? Even a sweet shoulder buzz would be amazing. It's a little late now, but Admins, you should have done an OTB for Rampage. Winner by which trick? (Accompanied by an otherwise nice run of course.) Enter your votes below for bragging rights? I told you so. (Back me up here Brandon...)


10/8/2013 3:01 PM

Most if not all of them had dual crown forks last year (i think one didn't) so definitively who does tailwipe is a winner, also it would be great to see cannonball, 360, no hand backflip and superman. I can bet that all of them are going to do suicide no hander


10/8/2013 5:14 PM

No tail whips? Check this out. I come up with a lot of trick ideas and usually give them to Cam McCall first. He usually says "That's impossible." then does it a week or so later. I gave him this one and he hasn't done it yet, but Rampage would be the perfect place to pull it out. (This is a wish, not a call out. No pressure Cam.) Here it is. A lot of riders do, or at least learn bar spins by passing the bars hand to hand. One hand takes the right grip and puts it where the left goes and the left hand crosses over to where the right goes, grabs the bar and brings it back into place. Bar spin done. If you've got triple clamp forks, which are a pretty good idea at Rampage, you could still do a tail whip using this technique. Kick the bike with the right foot and let go of the bars with the left hand. Frame hits fork tube and turns the bars with it putting your right hand where the left should be and the bike spinning out in front of you and backwards. This puts the left grip where the right should be, which you grab with the left hand and bring it all home. I figure that the main danger would be having the bike stall while it's out in front of you, but maybe with a well timed yank on that right grip it could be convinced to come around?


10/9/2013 3:08 PM

I personally wouldn't try to do that especially in that area, because if you crash there and get spinal injury you're basically ****** if you didn't had neck brace. BTW, are you a friend with McCall?


10/9/2013 3:18 PM

I wouldn't worry any more about spinal injuries with that trick any more than any other trick. If it fails, the bike is out in front of you and you just let go and find some nice soft dirt to land in. It's got to be safer than a backflip. And yes I know all the Aptos crew. They all come out to our spot to practice. I've known Cam in particular since he was riding a Santa Cruz Bullit and the Post Office Jump was a flyout off the street. If you'd believe it, I used to be a better rider than him, for about two minutes.


10/22/2013 8:12 PM

HAHAH "for about two minutes" lolololololol