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Question to the worldcup filmers and media

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1/3/2010 10:13 PM

Hi everyone. I have been filming Mountain biking since leaving Film school in NewZealand in 2004. I have filmed as a professional camera Operator for 5 years now whislt making Riding films on the side. I have a background in Field and Live Camera Operation with experiance in Shooting ,Editing ,Directing and Interviewing whilst shooting.

My films have been local released at home in NewZealand with my 2nd Film LocalKnowledge2 being reviewed for world release.

Last season I worked with ,a NZ Riding site to produce a series of 7 webeps following our National Race series which went great and was lots of fun.
Now I have moved to Canada to ride and work. As a natural Progression ,I would like to (could be dreaming here so let me know) work on the world cup circuit. I know alot of teams have filmers.
I just have NO idea where to start. In the grand scheme of MTB filmers Im small fry. but Id like to know how working for teams and such works?
any info on the career of world cup filmer would be great.
Thanks J Drew
atttached is a little sample of my work done for Danny Hart.


1/3/2010 10:15 PM
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1/4/2010 7:47 AM
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sick video, lk! you should upload it to the vital player : )

if you're in canada now, you've got world champs in your country and a lot of good racing and events going on to help you build your portfolio.

in the video world there is a lot of competition and you have to look at the team/company perspective. a good demo reel isn't the only thing to finding success or a job. relationships must be formed with riders, team managers and company folks. this takes time and they must trust you as a person, in addition to what you will do with the camera.

get to as many events as you can and start building those relationships. it may not happen right away, but if this is truly your passion, you'll see thing grow organically and the effort will be worth it in the end.


1/4/2010 8:31 AM

what spomer said. It's so much about who you know. Your skills behind the camera are obviously where they need to be based on that Hart video. What you need next is to prove to people that you can hustle and put in the hard work to get a video done fast and done well at a race. The best thing that I can suggest is to bug companies and just keep bugging them. Send emails to general info email account contacts with companies if you don't know who to get in touch with at a specific place. Send in sample videos. Make sure you tell them what you are looking to do. If it's travel to world cups, tell them which ones. If it's cover races in Canada, tell them that. Sell yourself and your services.

The jobs are kind of all soaked up right now but you're in a good place (sort of) in that companies are starting to realize the potential of video coverage on the web. Companies are moving in that direction and if you can be ready, you'll be in the right place when the right time comes up.

For now, be seen at races. Introduce yourself to riders and team managers and mechanics and anyone you can. People are looking for media workers, especially video. They will be more inclined to go with you after they see you on the sidelines and in the pits all day busting your ass.


1/4/2010 2:19 PM

Thanks for the great info guys.
Its nice to find a forum with some real answers!

Its funny you say get out and hussle.
I worked on the National Series whilst shooting my 2nd film back home in NZ.
I worked closley with Sam Blenkinsop ,Danny hart ,and Wyn and Brook formally of Ancilloti.
Ive got good relationships with the Kiwis.

But moving to Canada ,was like jumping from a tiny pond to a huge one where I know NO ONE.

but hey ,starting from the bottom is hard in any situation.


1/4/2010 3:11 PM

sspomer wrote:

sick video, lk! you should upload it to the vital player : )

if you're in canada now, you've got world champs in your country ...more

Hey Spomer
Ive uploaded the vid to Vital ,and some others aswell.
Love the site by the way!


1/4/2010 5:03 PM

killer! thanks for, ANY videos uploaded to the site (including yours) are eligible for Vital Video of the Month


1/4/2010 7:21 PM

this is the info that i like to see. connections are everything from my experiences so far, just knowing one person and working for them regularly can change everything. vid is sick too


1/5/2010 6:07 PM
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Hey all
this is my Coverage of the NZ 08-09 series.


round 3


1/7/2010 11:39 AM

Hey bro, if you ever come to south africa i know lank good photographers and a couple of guys here who also film and there are a whole lot of people here interested in the whole filiming/being filmed vibe. you could also maybe speak to some of the company owners (Patrick Morewood etc.) and see if they can hook you up. Sweet vid also.