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Please Help !! size of, Remedy 7

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4/1/2016 5:34 AM

Hi guys, Im thinking in getting a secondhand trek remedy 7 to start in this sport (I´ve been doing BMX my whole life), anyway, the bike is 27,5 wheel size and 17,5 frame, actually I dont know anything about the size of this enduro bikes. Im 178 cm (5´10) so I was wondering if it´s going to fit well or should I keep searching for a bigger size???


4/1/2016 7:33 AM

Being an owner of a remedy myself, I would have to say that it doesn't seem like that size would fit you very well. I am about 5'11" more or less and I ride a 19.5 (which has a shorter top tube than you'd think), my friend got the same bike as me and he is 5'9.5" more or less and he rides an 18.5. I would prolly go with the 19.5 if you wear taller riding shoes though, I think you'd be happy you did. Also I happen to have my bike for sale if you wanted to take a look, its in your size for both wheels and frame, check it!,9/2015-Trek-Remedy-9-650B-19-5-Great-Condition,9075


4/1/2016 11:55 AM

I'm the same height. At 5'10", I ride bikes with a "reach" measurement from 420 to 440mm. Pair that with a stem that's 50mm long and you'll be golden. On the Remedy, this means you'd want a 18.5 (417mm reach) or 19.5 (430mm reach).

Be sure to check out the geometry charts for each bike you're considering. Top tube lengths are less commonly used these days in MTB.

Astrizzle's rig looks rad and comes at a fair price.

Remedy geometry:



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