POLL: Do You Also Use Your MTB To Get Around?

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11/12/2017 6:45 AM
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Here's a question that came to me today, as I rode my (mountain) bike back home after dropping my truck off at the shop (a 1-hour pedal at semi-decent pace): our bikes are great for shredding, but many of them are pretty good at taking you places too. So how many of you out there actually use their MTBs this way? Vote in the poll and below and chime in with your commuter stories in the comments!

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Do You Use Your MTB Also To Get Around?


Vital MTB member taldfind
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11/12/2017 7:03 AM

I use my bike to commute on occasion, when my destination is within ten miles, I have the time and I feel like braving the crazy unaware local drivers. I used to commute on my 2009 Commencal Furious VIP every day to work, but I stopped after moving to this less than ideal for bikes town.


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11/12/2017 9:44 AM

I use to commute on my mtb until 3/4/17 when I was hit by a car I rode my mtb everywhere trying to keep myself in shape for the weekends was riding just short of 3k a year. Now no more street riding. Even driving the car has been difficult got some anxiety issues.


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11/12/2017 11:30 AM
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Cars just make ya lazy. People can live without owning any; it's a luxury overhyped as a necessity. A rental or a buddy can fill when you need to haul something big/heavy, and carpooling and pub transportation can get you to far away places that you can't totally ride to from your front door.


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11/12/2017 6:50 PM

Riding places has always been a dream for me, unfortunately the chance of getting killed by a car is too great which doesn't make riding on the road worth it. I will stick to the trails for now.


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11/12/2017 10:19 PM

My daily driver.


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11/13/2017 6:54 PM

Bikesnbreakdowns wrote:

My daily driver.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who's thought about putting a dropper on a DJ. A friend told me KS is making a non-remote dropper with a pretty large drop for city bikes I thought might be cool for that purpose.