Opinion on the GT Verb Comp 2017

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6/12/2019 1:38 AM

I've never owned a proper mountain bike before, my 1st bike was a heavy as a rock XC bike, 2nd was a dirt jumper and currently i ride a BMX. I'd like to get into proper mountain biking so it's good news that the GT Verb Comp 2017 is currently 50% off at my LBS. And since i'm in good with the boys there, i could get an additional 15% off of that too. Which will drop the original price of 1000-ish down to just over 440$. Now i thought it'd be a good idea to use this bike as a way for me to find out what my ideal bike would be. Still half a grand is quite a large sum of money for me to shell out at the moment. So what do you guys think of the GT Verb Comp 2017? I'd like to hear some thoughts on it.