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Oldest Bike Parts You Own.

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12/6/2010 8:56 AM

What's the oldest bike part in your spare parts box? Or for that matter, still in use?

I haven't ridden clips in like 6 years but I still have a pair of my Girvin Mag SPDs that came on my Pro-Flex back in the time. They are beat up but still work as well as they did when brand new (is that a diss or a compliment?) and I have passed up on a dozen chances to sell them. For some dumb reason these things have more sentimental value to me than the $5 I could get from a cheapskate at Veloswap.

Mine look much worse than this quick google image result...


12/6/2010 11:19 AM

Good question. Now I'm curious and will have to go digging soon.


12/6/2010 11:32 AM

my blue protec skate lid from 1994. i don't really wear it thinking i'll be safe as it's soft foam and almost worn out completely, but it has an Shred Shop sticker on it from my college days...Chicago represent!