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2/8/2010 1:31 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/4/2011 5:10 PM

When I was younger, I was test riding a guy's bike, head down looking at the rear derailleur and drilled a car in the parking lot . ( what your story )


2/8/2010 1:50 PM

I was pedaling with my hands off my drop bards by the University. I was looking all fit and manlyish in my spandex super-hero suit, when I saw a group of fine-looking young ladies enjoying a spring afternoon on their porch. I stuck out my chest a bit, smiled, waived, and swerved my right shifter into the side view mirror of a parked car.


2/8/2010 2:33 PM

Bar end versus side mirror.Winner,bar end.Looser,my wallet to the tune of $350.00


2/8/2010 3:36 PM

I've hit to parked cars first was in second grade riding up hill the second was in 4th grade when i hit a parked car riding to school


2/9/2010 6:20 PM

i've definately hit a parked car but it wasn't on my bike i was drifting the snow in my neighborhood in my truck and hit my neighbors truck haha


2/10/2010 11:05 AM

Was definitely a 6th grader who had been racing XC. Finally convinced my dad to let me get a bike computer- I wasn't allowed to because I might not pay attention to what I was doing and hit something. Guess what happened?

Sprinting up the climb to our house, I was trying to see how fast I could go (XC dorkyness of the 90's). I looked up and BAM, ran straight into the back of parked pickup truck and saw a piece of my front tooth go flying. The tailgate was down and I ended up in the bed.

I was going 24 mph. Brilliant.


2/11/2010 1:18 AM



2/27/2010 12:57 AM

bookin ass down a hill, coulda swore the car was driving... is was definitely parked in the fire lane. $600 hospital bill and $100 for new front rim. best part, watching the guys vehicle get towed after the police and ambulance arrived to scrape my face off the guys roof.


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