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alex.hutchinson alex.hutchinson
2/2/2014 9:12 AM

This has been an ongoing argument I've had with friends who are a bit wealthier than me. I can't argue against the outcome, my wife and I are striving to eat correctly and we understand all the reasoning. However, since we have stepped up our food bill has as well. Let's be honest, it costs more to eat natural. It costs more to eat the good stuff. Lots of Produce, lean meats, supplements without fillers? None of it is cheap.

Ok, having stated my position, we did try an experiment that worked pretty well. We made our own energy bars. This could be the biggest pocket saver of them all. I've been spending $30. a week on all the little snacks I use for long rides and weight training. My wife found a simple recipe online to create our own energy bars and it worked. We documented the process in case others want to try it - Energy Bar Recipe.

That is one way to save money, does anyone have other tricks or ideas that have worked for them?

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