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sam.sheffer117 sam.sheffer117
6/29/2012 9:31 AM

Im goin off to college and i really want to get in to mountain biking. There are a few trails around my future home and current one, but i dont have a bike, nor really any idea about mountain biking that much, please dont hate on me lol. But im just looking for some tips about it and maybe some bike tips. because im gonna buy a bike for college anyway, so i figured i might as well get one i can go on trails with. bear in mind, i dont have alot of money...thanks for any help you can offer, sorry for bein so green to this lol :/

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bturman bturman
6/29/2012 1:38 PM

Hey Sam,

Welcome! Pumped to hear about another person wanting to ride. Sounds like a reasonably priced cross-country hardtail would suit you well. You could commute on it and rally the trails until you decide you need something bigger and better. There's a pretty good xc mountain bike buyer's guide here that you should check out. It's a good starting point.

Where will you be going to college? Many colleges have bike teams or clubs that would be worth looking into.

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sam.sheffer117 sam.sheffer117
6/29/2012 2:41 PM

Murray State University in western KY, idk if anyone knows anything about the are but, its out by KY lake and what not. But yeah, ive loved riding bikes since i was a kid and goin out trail riding has always been something ive really wanted to do.

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