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Shrickapp Shrickapp
10/2/2014 4:46 PM

Hey guys!
For almost a year now our team has been working on a new mobile app for action
sports lovers! It's gonna be a social network with tons of useful features – slow mo,
filters and outstanding points earning system for every good trick you`ve made. We
have already collected a database of hundreds of stunts for 18 disciplines featured in
our app, so whatever you post - Shrick will know it! Plus, you'll be able to share your
tricks very easily: editing, adding slow motion, posting, commenting - everything is done
with the means of just our app! Also, every post will let you score points (the amount
depends on the content and likes/shares the post collected) and compete with riders
from any part of the world - including pros, who use our app!
We are in the finalizing stage of our app and in this November already we'll be sending
out keys to our beta-testers. Learning what riders think about our app is crucial for us,
so we're inviting all of you to participate in the beta-testing.
While we're still working on the launch, you can subscribe to our facebook page to read
all the latest news about the development and other cool stuff: Photo

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Shrickapp Shrickapp
10/6/2014 2:06 PM

We've got amazing news for you guys! Shrick gives you an opportunity to win one of the TWO awesome custom-designed longboards from some of the top firms in the industry! We've launched a photo contest on our Facebook page (, and the boards (one by Anvil, another by Mike Boz, tracks) will be distributed among the first two places. But that's far from the full list of prizes we've lined up for you! All you gotta do is submit a photo of you doing a kick-ass trick and collect the most votes of other users! You could team up as a forum community, supporting one or a few candidates And before you ask, it doesn't matter what extreme sport you're into, the contest is for all riders! Here's a link to the full list of rules (don't worry, no catches there!)
Hope to see you soon among the participants and good luck!!!

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Shrickapp Shrickapp
11/2/2014 1:51 AM

Hey guys! We are about to launch!! Leave your emails at and we`ll send you an invite. Best! Shrick Team

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Shrickapp Shrickapp
2/8/2015 10:42 AM

Guys, you haven’t heard from us in a while and we’ve been really busy polishing the app - and we’re happy to announce it’s ready for download! We have a very stable BETA in the AppStore – and we’d like to thank this community for the support with a number of invites! Also, we’ve released a catchy and action-packed promo:

– check it out if you have 2 spare minutes and wanna learn more about Shrick. Thank you all guys!!!
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Shrickapp Shrickapp
5/23/2015 8:16 AM

First things first: Shrick is STABLE. No crashes, no bugs. NO INVITE is required to create an account. Just go ahead and register, everyone is welcome! Get the app here -
All that has become possible with the new, FULL version of Shrick we've just released. Here are the biggest things that we changed and added for this big launch:
- properly working #hashtags and name @tags
- video quality is now way better
- working notifications for likes, comments and reposts
- simply all you need to enjoy and form an exclusive community of amateur rides, fans and pros!

Of course it doesn't mean we are going to stop here - we have tons of plans and cool features we are going to implement (including an Android version) - but Shrick is out of beta and we think you will enjoy using this app. We look forward to hearing about your experience with Shrick! Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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Shrickapp Shrickapp
6/11/2015 8:29 AM

Hey all!

Many of you must be parts of this or that action sport forum community, where a user can add a customized userbar - a special info-bar showing your progress in sports - or any other unrelated activity. wink

We’ve created a Shrick userbar for you - showing your rank in the city, country and globally according to our app. To get your personalized code go to, log in using your Shrick credentials and pick the userbar type you like most.

Download and enjoy using it!

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