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Need help to choose a bike. Please help!

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10/24/2014 9:19 PM

Ok, this is the thing. I normally do BMX most of the times but also i do mountain biking (what can i say love bikes) I been riding MTB for only 2 years. I started riding a hard tail. I been in Moab Utah. Lake Tahoe, Colorado and Big bear (downhill trail is AWESOME!) and after the trail of big bear i thought about getting a full suspension down hill bike but I like to do the uphill too and i heard that uphill with a downhill bike is like really hard. Then a thought about a freestyle MTB I always like those bikes and i would like to have one even if it has only front suspension but what i want to know if a freestyle mtb would stand abuse on downhill like a downhill bike. I'm not worry about me i can do downhill on a hard tail but i dont want my bike to break in pieces because is not designed for downhill. I Photo

uploaded a picture of how im planing to build my bike but if is not good idea tell me


10/25/2014 10:11 AM

get an all-mountain bike then


10/25/2014 11:14 AM

A quality dirtjump frame (what you call "freestyle bike" in your post above, like the Haro in the picture you included) might not break, but it's really not appropriate for any proper downhilling. The geometry is wrong, the parts are wrong, and you will not enjoy the experience as time goes on. As astrizzle said, go for a capable "all-mountain", "trail", or "enduro" bike. We have a section of our product guide with a bunch of good choices in it: Trail Bikes. See what we and others though of a bunch of them by reading some of the reviews (which will also start to tell you what you should look for in terms of parts spec, frame characteristics etc).

In a nutshell, you are looking for a 6" travel full suspension bike that can handle the DH abuse but also pedal back up like a champ. See if any of the bikes in the link I sent you above catch your eye (budget, etc), and maybe come up with some kind of short list you'd like others to comment on, and post that here. To help get you going...


10/25/2014 1:53 PM

Iceman nailing it as always.


10/26/2014 8:51 AM

If you like the light weight dirt jump (freestyle) approach then you might want to look a t a full suspension slope style bike. I have ridden the nukeproof rook with both a 100mm dirt jump fork(fox 34 831 K) for bmx and around town with minor trail riding and a 160 mm enduro fork (fox 36 RC2 K) on a park trip and had way more fun then my friends on big downhill bikes but that being said it was only on jump lines. On the more rooted and rutted lines I had to be more aware and spend my time checking my lines instead of plowing through. Any slope style bike might be a good move seeing as you are coming off BMX. Check out trek ticket s, nukeproof rook, NS bikes, soda slope. All these can be fitted with a 140 is to 160 fork and be a sweet jump line/ mini downhill bike as long as on the climbs you aren't afraid to raise the seat and pound out the petals.