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Mountain Bikers don't read books?

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1/26/2015 2:07 PM

I got the strangest e-mail today and felt the need to share it.

Back story: Mountain bikers all have crazy, amazing and sometimes inspiring stories about our sport. I recently published a book of such stories. It is called Twisted Trails and it comes out Feb 15th.

In preparation for the release date I started contacting various mountain bikes magazines and websites. Most of them have been open minded and some have already mentioned the book. However, one of them (Which shall remain nameless) sent me a very strange e-mail in which the Editor turned down my story because he said and I quote, "Mountain Bikers don't read books." Really?

You can imagine my shock. Not only does this person run a relatively well known site but you would assume they knew their audience a little better. I immediately wrote back and asked him to clarify that odd statement but didn't get a response. I'm not going to give the name of the site because I'm sure that other people work there and/or contribute to it. I just thought it was very negative and cynical for someone in that position.

I know tons of educated mountain bikers who read books. Just think, Rebecca Rusch's biography is sitting in the top 50,000 on Amazon and that's 3 months after it came out. It takes a big chunk of sales to climb up that ladder.

Has anyone else run into this negative perception?


Author of the mountain bike book Twisted Trails

1/26/2015 2:37 PM

I agree.
Really strange,as well as really presumptious.
I would read a mountain bike book religiously,as It has been a great part of my life for 23 years.
And peoples stories of their exploits should be an interesting and funny read.
Let me know when you bring out your book,and where to find it.
I will defo buy it.
That's just bloody ignorance on their part.
And from a Mountain Bike website no less.
I have my own theories as to what one.
But yeah,best left unnamed


1/27/2015 12:49 PM

i'm a mountain biker and i read books.

thanks for the post. hopefully your book gets some attention and i'd love to know the site too. #tease haha


1/27/2015 4:56 PM

I too mountain bike and I too read books. It's got to be some editor that thinks his stuff is better than books, or who just doesn't read books themselves. They should have to give a book report for every ride that they take.


1/30/2015 2:12 PM

Thanks for the support. Mountain bikers seem to be keeping an open mind about this and that's all I can ask for.

Concerning the Mountain Bike media, I think I have discovered the problem. Some of them are reluctant to discuss the book in part because it's never been done before. Apparently no one has published a book of fictional MTB tales written for adults. They don't want to take a chance on it. I guess I can understand that, though it seems a bit short sighted.

I wish that I had read a book like this when I first started riding. It would have guided my understanding of the sport. My thinking is that if something promotes mountain biking, why wouldn't you give it a chance?


Author of the mountain bike book Twisted Trails

2/15/2015 8:22 AM

I solved the problem of adjusting people's expectations by putting together a synopsis page. The book is now Live! Thanks again for the support. You can purchase it on Amazon.


Author of the mountain bike book Twisted Trails

2/15/2015 6:30 PM

Will do Sir. I have $50 Amazon Bucks burning a hole in my pocket from the Holidays.