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Megavalanche Reunion Race Report

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12/1/2010 1:53 PM

Megavalanche Reunion Race Report - Fabien Cousinié

Hi everyone,

Everything was starting very well. I had just received the last Morewood enduro prototype equiped with the best parts; a very competitive bike.


The practice runs went very well and without any troubles. Saturday’s qualification went really good and I won my run for the first time in my career and I also won in front of the rider who finished 2nd at the 2009 Megavalanche.


I was then placed at the front row for the start between 14 titles of World Champion (Nicolas Vouilloz and Julien Absalon).


I used my 4X experience at the start and did the holeshot. I was able to stay first for couple minutes. I was taking over at the first up hill by some physically exeptional condition riders, Remy Absalon, Nicolas Vouilloz and Nino Schurteur. After that I did one part of the race fighting with Julien Absalon and Cedric Gracia. On very physical parts Julien Absalon gave me a dose of reality and showed me that he isn't a double Olympic champion for nothing. I then did the last part of the race with Cedric Gracia, I was able to pass him before the last single. From there the podium was very close, I was 5th and there was only 5 minutes left. But my shox lost all his air. I tried to ride but the track was really rough and it broke another part of my bike. I had to walk to the finish.


Black Mountain Morewood United team mate Florent Payet's race included a little bad luck in qualification. In the race he started from the last row and made a good come back to 21st place.

Results here :


Fabien Cousinié