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Little Black Book (of bikes) | Can you remember all your mountain bikes?

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7/31/2018 10:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 10:55 PM

Man so many awesome bikes on these lists. Either mountain bikes were more fun when they still sucked, or I'm just like every other generation and idealizing my own youth. Up till about 2015 I only bought frames and just kept an ever-evolving groupset for road, MTB, and CX moving from bike to bike. I miss that, (and spending $300-800 for a new bike) but they sure do work well now, you couldn't choose to go back.


03 Gary Fisher Marlin
04 Banshee Scirocco (oh why did I ever sell this)
04 Kona chute - (most clumsy and dead feeling award, high bb and stiff heavy frame)
Garage built MTB tandem with stoker banana seat (brazed from two ancient Gary Fisher frames)
07 Haro Mary 29
06 Giant XTC 26
10ish Jamis Dragon 26
11ish Giant Anthem 26 - (done up with 120 fork and short stem wide bar- so fun/so flexy)
99 Schwinn Homegrown - (last Yeti built year, still tow a tool trailer with it)
15 Santa Cruz Bronson carbon
16 NS Bikes Snabb T
16 Santa Cruz Highball AL
17 Specialized Enduro 29

Cross and road

97 Gt road bike
80ish Trek 520
98 Lemond Zurich
80ish Schwinn Traveler - (rode it so much actually ovalized the head tube. Cross USA and down the Pacific coast plus 10 years of commuting)
Junkyard fixie
04 Kona AL road frame
07 Raleigh Team carbon - first gen, favorite road bike
10 Specialized tarmac
08 Soma doublecross
06 Redline conquest
10 Giant TCX
Garage built fillet brazed CX - 1st one, buckled downtube in a bad crash
Garage buit lugged CX/commuter - 2nd one, will keep forever


8/1/2018 1:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/1/2018 1:39 PM

Some interesting rides in here . A bunch I had forgotten about. Flashbacks

82?83? Norco Bigfoot
85 nishiki bushwacker(under cs power cam uggh)
86 nishiki road bike shimano 105(one week)
87 cannondale sm2000? suntour xc pro
89 moulden mutant (handbuilt fillet brazed steel)
92 moulden b.u.m. (Butt ugly mutant)23lbs
94 breezer lightning
95 specialized fsr (og)
96 Santa Cruz heckler
97 Rocky Mountain stratos
98 Santa Cruz super 8
2001Santa Cruz bullet 6” van r
2002norco torrent
2004 Santa Cruz bullet fifth element
2007 devinci Ollie
2007 Brodie bruzza
2008 Kona stinky 5”
2010 banshee rune v1
2011 intense 951
2015 banshee rune v2**work horse
2015 specialized demo 8 almost fave
2017 transition scout** fave bike

** current rides


8/1/2018 6:05 AM

So many long lists. Mine is very short.

1. Walgoose Rockadile (dear Lord, the name) that I began upgrading because I couldn't a afford a real frame.
2. 07 Cannondale caffeine when I could afford a real frame.
3. 05 Cannondale Prophet. I initially cannibalized the parts from the caffeine build and then replaced them with better stuff over time. M8000 xt 1x11, custom tuned rear shock etc. Current ride.

There are a ton of better bikes now but I like the prophet a lot. Plus my couch scrounger budget is limited so I go for better parts and an older frame.

Maybe eventually I can afford the fleet lists here.


8/1/2018 6:17 AM

Trek Antelope (1993)
Mongoose Hilltopper (1996)
Gary Fisher Paragon (1999)
Turner 5 Spot (2004)
Turner 5 Spot (2008)
Santa Cruz Jackal DJ (2010)
Ibis Mojo SL (2011)
Rocky Mountain Flow DJ (2012)
Specialized Demo (2012)
Specialized Enduro SWORKS (2013)
Niner ROS 9 hardtail (2014)
Santa Cruz Nomad 3 (2014)
Ibis HD3 (2015)
*Kona Honzo (2015)
Santa Cruz Nomad 3 (2016)
Pivot Firebird (2017)
*YT Capra 29 Pro Race (2018)

*Still riding smile


8/1/2018 1:42 PM

Orbea mx
Commençal normal
Commençal suprem fr 6.20
Specialized Demo 8
Commençal furious
Commençal absolut
Canyon torque
Santacruz v10c
Devinci wilson
Cannondale jeckyll
Giant glory 0
Trek fuel ex
Giant reign 1
Giant reign 1.5
Gt force carbon
Gt sensor
Giant reign 1.5
Specialized Demo 8 tld (collector)
Rocky mountain instinct 970
Yeti sb5.5c
Specialized p2
Iron horse sunday worldcup (collector)
Rocky mountain slayer
Orbea rallon R5
Yeti sb6c

To be continued...


8/2/2018 9:03 AM

- Marin Rocky Ridge
-Sintra Cycles
-Specialized Stumpjumper
-Specialized Bighit
-Specialized Status (size M)
-Specialized Status (L)
-Pole Evolink 176 (Current bike)

Also had bikes for work from Scott

2013 Voltage
2014 Gambler
2015 Voltage 710 (new model)
2016 Voltage 710
2017 Gambler 720
2018 Gambler 720 (current work bike)

My first full suspension bike was the big hit in 2008 and that blew my mind as to what could be ridden and how much faster too! The Status was a better bike because of the geometry and my current bike (Pole) is next level again due to geometry. Stability, speed, grip utter perfection!


8/3/2018 4:28 AM

First time I've ever posted on vital or any forum for that matter. But I can't resist the temptation.

Bought my first bike 2nd hand in 1998 as a student. An Avanti hardtail. Had it for two years then got a good job which enabled an obsession with bikes to be realised. 20 years later and I need a bigger shed.
Every bike was purchased 2nd hand. Normally I pulled them all down and rebuilt them with a variety of parts preferred parts on hand. I rode/ride them all, although admittedly some only a couple of times before selling on again.
All bar one were purchased here in NZ and in some cases I think they may be the only examples in the country still rideable.
The ** means I still have the bike, and it is complete and rideable (most of the time). They are all built to a high spec with loads of the best parts throughout. The rest have been sold. There are other bikes I haven't put on the list that I bought simply for donor bikes to get the bits from then on selling, and in plenty of cases I have owned/own several of the same model which I haven't listed twice.
So here goes. The order, apart from the first 10 is irrelevant, and just a random list as they came to mind. Pretty sure I've got them all down.

Avanti Aggressor
Intense Uzzi SL
DMR trailstar **
GT Zaskar LE**
Mountain Cycle Shockwave **
Avanti D8
Kona Roast
Nzone Slacker
Specialized SX Trail 06
Specialized Epic 1st model
Specialized Enduro 2010
Specialized Stumpjumper
Commencal Meta 08
Commencal Supreme
Iron Horse Sunday **
Intense M1 **
Intense M6
Intense 951 **
Intense SS2 **
Intense 5.5 **
Intense Spider XVP
Intense Tazer 1st model **
Intense 6.6
Foes 4x **
Litespeed Unicoi **
Bianchi Super G **
Niner RIP9 1st model
Trek Session
Santa Cruz Nomad 1 **
Santa Cruz Nomad 2 **
Santa Cruz Nomad 3 **
Santa Cruz Heckler 08
Santa Cruz Blur LTc 2010 **
Santa Cruz Blur TRc 2012 **
Santa Cruz Bullit 08
Turner 5 Spot DW **
Turner 6 pack
Turner Flux 4 bar **
Turner Flux DW **
Turner DHR square **
Turner DHR round **
Turner DHR DW **
Rocky Mountain RM6
Ellsworth Moment **
Balfa bb7 **
Corsair Marque **
Evil Revolt **
Evil Undead **
Transition TR450 **
Transition TR250 **
Yeti 4x**
Yeti Sb66c **
Yeti Sb6c 30th anniversary **
GT Ruckus I-drive
GT Force carbon
GT Dhi
GT I-drive 0.0
GT Hans Rey **
Giant VT2
Giant ATX1
Giant DH Comp White
Giant Trance 06
Giant Anthem 07
Giant XTC 0
Titus Moto-lite **
Orange 222
Orange 223
Orange 66 **
Ibis Mojo **
Ibis Mojo HD **
Pivot Phoenix **
Zerode DH **
Banshee Legend **
NS Bikes Core **
Klein Pulse 2 **
Knolly Warden **
Knolly Delirium **
2Stage Elite 9 1st model
Cannondale Prophet
Pro Flex 757 **
Cheeta Proline DH
Morewood Ndiza **
Devinci Spartan **
Schwinn 4 banger **

Thats 49 on the list still in the quiver. It was 50 but the 2 stage got stolen last year and I haven't replaced it yet. I regret selling the RM6 and the ATX1. Simply for their classic status in mtb history. The GT Ruckus I-drive was one of my favourite to ride. The Nomad 1 was the bike I rode the most including trips to the French Alps and Whistler. The one I lusted for the longest before finally owning was the Ibis Mojo. The most capable for the time it was released would have to be the Yeti SB66c and the Intense M1. Biggest disappointments would be the Niner RIP9 (early 29er full sus geometry) Santa Cruz Bullit or the Turner 6 Pack. Go to bike at the moment depends on the day, but the Nomad 3, Yeti SB6, Turner 5 Spot, Intense SS2, Knolly Delirium and Zerode are all dirty.


8/3/2018 7:04 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/3/2018 7:06 AM

Holy. That is quite the list. Garage Pics??

In chronological order:

Kona Stinky (2006)
Santa Cruz Driver 8 (2010)
Trek Fuel (2011)
Trek Fuel (2012)
Santa Cruz Solo (mine was a solo tongue)
Specialized p3 (2015)
Trek Session 9.9 (2015)
Yeti SB 6C (2016)
Chromag Surface (2017)
Trek Slash (2018)

Current stable, Session, Slash, Chromag.

I work at a shop as a mechanic, so I've gotten to ride the latest and greatest of the big major brands.

Favorite Bike: probably the Session or the Slash. I'm basically a corporate shill, but i genuinely believe trek makes a great product. their bikes are usually pretty dialed, and theyoffer great support to employees. Also, shout out to my first trek fuel. Best color ever, looked even better with bike lust. Made trail bikes fun for the first time.

Worst Bike: Probably either of my Santa Cruz bikes. Never jived with them. Great build quality wonderful to work on, but they always felt wonky in massive g outs or big compression's. We used to be a top 10 Santa Cruz dealer world wide, so i got to try the vast majority of their line up, and could never shake that feeling. We no longer are, so i haven't tried any of their latest gen stuff, which i heard has much better support. honorable mention to the Yeti SB 6c. Great feeling bike, rode well, looked and felt great, but it was a creaky, cheaply made bike. Awful build quality for the Gucci price. Warranty on bearings, infinity links, etc made me ditch that bike prematurely, cause it was just too much work to keep quiet.


8/3/2018 9:58 AM

Commencal absolut 06
Commencal absolut 07 (warranty on 06, notorious cracking commencal years)
Transition Bottle rocket 07
Scott voltage fr10 10
Dartmoor hornet 2014
Banshee rune 2014
Solid mission 9 2015
Specialized demo 2016
Scott gambler 2017
Dartmoor primal+ 2017
Banshee spitfire 2018
(still own the last 3)


8/7/2018 5:03 PM

Solid lists!

If test bikes count, there's no way I could remember them all without digging through the archives.


8/8/2018 11:57 AM

2001 Diamondback Apex
2004 Diamondback XSL
2007 Diamondback XSL Trail
2007 Kona Stinky
2008 Norco A-Line
2010 Sette Shadow
2012 Trek Remedy
2012 Nukeproof Scalp
2015 Scott Gambler (bike of the day)
2016 Santa Cruz Jackal
2017 Yeti SB 5.5


8/8/2018 2:53 PM

Here are mine, think I have them all

Early bikes in rough order:
Yard-sale banana bike
Sears Free Spirit (broke it)
Custom Celmins road (stolen)
3Rensho track (traded for Ironman)
Centurion Ironman (broke it)
Peloton track (sold)
Trek carbon hardtail (broke it)
On-One Inbred (stolen)
Trek Elite 9.9 (sold)
Ellsworth Truth (sold)
Santa Cruz Highball (sold)
’93 Bridgestone MB-1 (stolen)
Niner One9 Scandium (sold)

’51 Malvern Five Star path racer
’84 Performance Strada (original owner, commuter)
Trek Madone 5.9SL (don’t ride it)
Levante track (custom, commuter)
Nagasawa track
’84 Stumpjumper
Niner One9 RDO
Focus Mares CX 2.0
Santa Cruz 5010 CC V2
Yuba Spicy Curry


8/9/2018 6:25 AM

I started with:

- small 16” Russian kids bike with no training wheels and tires with no tubes
- custom-made Pegas 26” ladies bike in red, matching rims and wooden grips
- 20” Puky kids bike from Germany
- supermarket-quality BMX from Germany with chrome fenders
- Huffy black and gold BMX


- 1994 Czech-built Tema ATB with 18 speeds, full fenders and rack
- 1994? Willer MTB with Oria aluminum frame, Michelin Transalps and crappy Shimano Altus CT90
- 1990/1991 Wheeler with Shimano 300LX (stolen)
- 1994/1995 Nec's Bike Volcano in satin grey with Shimano Alivio/STX Special Edition mix
- 1998 Marin Palisades Trail in Gloss Red (first new ”real” MTB, stolen and retrieved)
- 1998 Stevens 6.1.2 with STX-RC (still got it)
- 1998 Gary Fisher Level Betty FH2 (first international race on it, cracked, repaired, sold)
- 1990 GT Timberline (traded, then stolen)
- 1994/1995 Nec's Bike Volcano (not so good condition as the first, sold, then stolen)
- 1999 Santa Cruz Chameleon (love of my life, stolen, never retrieved)
- 2001 Magellan Polar-X with Marzocchi Z1 MCR, Shimano XTR M900, Hope hubs, Mavic 121 Ceramic, Roox bar
- 1998 GT Moto cruiser (rare weird beard, still have it as a klunker)
- 1997 Kona A'Ha ”Stars 'n Bars” anniversary edition cruiser (got it for my dad, still have it)
- 2006 Trek Jack 2 (short, can't believe I rode DH on it, sold)
- 2007 Spank Smoke in green (a little dream come true, heavy but very nice, sold, still lives somewhere)
- 1999 GT Lobo with works Marzocchi Super T (was ridden to 2 National Champs, saved, worth a story on its own)
- 2009 Commencal Supreme DH V.2 VIP in white (first sponsored frame, given away, made a few people happy)
- 2009 Commencal Absolut Cedric Gracia (very nice bike, stupid rear hub system, sold)
- 2001 Cannondale Jekyll 1000 SL (amazing bike, very capable for its age, did marathon DH on it, sold, still rides)
- 2011 Commencal Supreme DH V.3 Atherton Team (last of its ploughing breed, cracked a swing arm, sold)
- 2005 (?) Crupi Pro XXL BMX with Answer Scythe carbon fork and Profile cranks (still have it)
- 2004 Cannondale R2000 Team Saeco with Ksyrium wheels and Shimano DX flatties (still have it)
- 2011 Santa Cruz Jackal with Porsche mint green paint and lots of goodies (looking at it)
- 2012 Intense M9 in flo yellow (modified to 27.5”, rides like a dream, still racing it)
- 2011 Intense Tracer VP (murdered out, the bike I ride most)

Since I was a young buck and ate, breathed and dreamed bikes, but couldn't afford it, I got the retro MTB disease, so there are a lot of old bikes in between the above, most of them for my MTB museum:

- 1993 GT Karakoram in Ferrari Red (still have it)
- 1993 GT Karakoram in Black Light (will be up for sale)
- 1990 GT Karakoram in Purple Haze (city project)
- 1994 GT Karakoram in blue (sold)
- 1997-ish Groove Down Town cruiser (will be up for sale)
- 1995 GT Terramoto in blue ano (will be a gift)
- 1995 GT Zaskar in purple ano (beater project)
- 1996 GT Zaskar in blue ano (long pending project)
- 1998 GT Backwoods in red (will be a gift)
- 2000 GT XCR-4000 in red (period-correct project)
- 1993 GT RTS-3 in champagne (cracked, up for the wall)
- 1997 GT LTS-1 in black/red (needs paint, has parts)
- 1999 GT Lobo 1000 (period-correct project)
- 1997 GT Avalanche in ball burnished (full original, will be a gift)
- 1994 Breezer Jet Stream in red/white (XTR M900 project)
- 1996 Scott Summit in grey (nostalgia acquisition)
- 1997 ProFlex Animal in green (will be up for sale)
- 1998 Stevens 8.5.2 in gold ano (one for the sister)
- 1995 Marin Pine Mountain (will be a gift)
- 1995 Marin Eldridge Grade (beater project)
- 1997 Marin Indian Fire Trail (lightweight project)
- 1997 Marin Eldridge Grade (beater project)
- 1993 Cannondale Delta V 1500 (almost done)
- 1997 Cannondale Super V 1000 (for sale)
- 1993 Kuwahara with XTR M900 (almost done)
- 1988 Winora made by Bernd Juchem (needs a seatpost extracted)
- 1989 Klein Pinnacle with custom paint (theoretically for sale)
- 1996 Klein Attitude Team (last of the Mohicans)
- 2000 Klein Attitude Comp (underrated, frame only)
- 1995 Nec's Bike Volcano (better than new)
- 1997 Trek Y-Five-O (frame only)
- 1996 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo in Grateful Dead special edition (kids bike, given away as a gift)
- 1999 Scott Endorphin (needs a ton of work)
- 1995 Winora FS in polished silver (in rebuild mode)
- 1999 Specialized FSR Comp (for sale)
- 1997 Specialized A1 (will be a gift)
- 2003 GT Avalanche (for sale)
- 1999 Santa Cruz Chameleon (rebuilding the stolen dream)
- 2003 Intense Tazer HT (only needs to be put together)
- 2003 Intense M1 (artsy project)
- 2010 Rotwild X2 (for rentals)
- 2010 Atomlab Pimp 2 (will be a gift)
- 2005 Giant Team DH (will be a gift)

I definitely left some out, but those came and went, as they were bought only for reselling and not too special. smile



8/9/2018 2:12 PM

Ridgeback 703,
GT Zaskar,
Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 2007,
Santa Cruz Heckler,
Giant Anthem X,
Santa Cruz Blur LT,
Santa Cruz Blur LTc,
Giant Anthem X1,
Ibis Mojo HD140,
Santa Cruz Bronson CC V1,
Fat Chance Shock a Billy V1,
Fat Chance Yo Eddy,
Santa Cruz 5010 CC V1,
Santa Cruz Nomad CC V4,
Fat Chance Shock a Billy prototype,
Mondraker Dune XR carbon,
Transition Patrol carbon,
Fat Chance Titanium,
Fat Chance Shock a Billy V2,
Intense Tracer 275,
Giant Anthem 275,
Ibis Mojo HD4,
Santa Cruz Nomad CC V4,
Santa Cruz Bronson CC V3.


8/14/2018 5:22 PM

Dang, some of you have spent more on bikes than my wife has spent on cars. And believe me, she's spent a lot of my $ on cars.


9/13/2020 12:04 AM

1982 - homemade kids bike (built by dad)
1984 - Grneric Raleigh kids bike
1986 - Raleigh burner
1988 - Raleigh Marauder
1990 - Universal Mountain bike shaped object
1995 - Apollo Chaos (ex-skip bike)
1997 - Diamondback Sorento
2005 - GT Moto (stolen)
2007 - GT I-Drive FR (bought for Megavalanche, stolen)
2009 - Mongoose Black Diamond Triple
2010 - Kona Howler (built up as XC/4X/Mini DH)
2012 - Orange Alpine 160 (Neon Pink)
2020 - Calibre Line 29 (new fatherhood means little time to ride so budget bike bought in case I don’t get out on it much/at all. Decent geometry, great fun)

I’m from the UK


9/13/2020 6:38 AM

A Redline BMX and a Giant 24” kids bike are what started the 2 wheel addiction. Here is the mountain bike list.
2001 or 02 Schwinn Mesa
2001 Kona Stinky 6
Demo 9, bought it from a guy that was sponsored by Specialized, had the serial number 002 or something
Norco 250
Rotec RL9 2005
Union Street dirt jumper
Arrow DS3
Tonic Fab Howie
Diamondback Mission 08 or 09
Another Diamondback Mission as a warranty
Specialized SX Trail
Evil Sovereign
Devinci Wilson 2014 I think
Devinci Spartan 2016
Evil Insurgent 2018, current bike
Santa Cruz V10 2018 ish, current DH bike


9/13/2020 10:49 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/13/2020 10:50 AM

1998 Bianchi Mtb
2004 Oxford Emerald
2007 Kona Stinky
2005 PDC Racing Eight2Five
2008 Santa Cruz Nomad v1
2012 Kona Cadabra
2013 Yeti SB66c
2014 Devinci Troy Carbon
2015 Yeti SB6c
2018 Yeti SB5.5
2019 Yeti Sb150


9/13/2020 1:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/13/2020 1:11 PM

1989 - Puch Hardtail
1996 - Marin Palisades Trail
1998 - DBR x4
1999 - DBR Team Hardtail
1999 - DBR x6
2000 - DBR x6 (working for diamondback at the time so got to build up a dh and fr version of the bikes)
2000 - Intense M1
2001 - Santa Cruz Bullit Vanr
2003\4 - Santa Cruz Bullit Romic
2004 - Turner DHR Square Tube
2004 - SuperGo Hardtail
2004 - PsycleWerks Wild Hare
2008 - Iron Horse 6Point
2008 - Black Market MOB (stolen)
2008 - Turner DHR Roundtube
2008 - Kona DJ (can't remember name but it's my profile picture)
2011 - Specialized Pitch Expert
2011 - RM Flow DJ
2012 - Turner DHR DW Link
2013 - Ragley Blue Pig
2015 - YT Capra
2015 - YT Tues
2017 - Transition Scout
2019 - Transition Sentinel


9/14/2020 6:24 AM

1993 Diamondback Sorrento - Purple with black splatter
1997 Schwinn Moab 2
1999 Kona Stinky Dee-Lux - Stolen, then returned by the police.
2000 Kona Stab Dee-Lux
Redline Monocog Prototype - Single Speed Full Rigid 110mm BMX Rear Hub Spacing
2004 Surly Karate Monkey
2008 Voodoo Dambala 29er Hardtail
2009 Santa Cruz Blur Lt C
2010 Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross - Stolen
2011 Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross
2012 Ibis Mojo HD
2013 Santa Cruz Nomad C V2
2016 Santa Cruz Nomad CC V3
2018 Specialized Enduro Expert
2019 Mondraker Foxy Carbon 29 XR