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Little Black Book (of bikes) | Can you remember all your mountain bikes?

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7/31/2018 7:16 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 10:44 AM

Was listening to the Eric Saunders Inside Line today, he mentioned a bike I hadn't thought about in years, the Schwinn Homegrown. I owned one of these in ~2000. This got me thinking, how many bikes have I owned? Can I remember them all? Thought some others here might appreciate the exercise too! Turns out, I'm a total bike slut!


*Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (probably 1998)
*Gary Fisher Sugar 3 did my first race on this bike at the age of 14
*Schwinn Homegrown (the blue one - might have been my lightest mountain bike)
*Gary Fisher Sugar 1
*Haro slalom hardtail met Gordo riding this bike at the Thunder Valley Slalom Series
*Santa Cruz Bullet 5th element, Super T, first bike I raced DH on; my wheels looked like stop signs after Moab
*Giant DH bike after realizing the bullet wasn't going to cut it I built up this beast. First time on it was Telluride, where there was a World Cup (and a non-WC race for us jerries). Anyone remember Bernard Fredrick? That dude could shred. If I remember right he had a top 15 time going until he crashed on the final left hander before the finish.
*BCD Inedible (!!!) Alex Morgan was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of his time
*Giant something or other built up as a slalom bike. It was circa 2004. Anyone know where I can find an archive from that era? EDIT, thank you below poster, it was an A/C Air!
*Specialized SX
*Giant STP
*Cannondale Gemini DH
*Azonic DH bike (the FSR one) with Avalanche shock - maybe the best bump eater I've ever owned
*Iron Horse DH bike (pre-sunday)
*Specialized Demo 9
*Cannondale Prophet
*Giant Reign For a bike in 2008, this was a prophetic ride.
*Gary Fisher Rig stolen

*Ibis Mojo HD one of the best all around 26" wheeled bikes of the time
*Niner WFO Ahead of its time
*Ibis Ripley: I wore the seat stays thin from cornering
*TJ Sharp Custom Steel Hardtail: low, long, slack 29" hardtail. It was awesome, and it was a sign of things to come
*Transition Covert 27.5
*Transition Patrol (V1)
*Transition Smuggler (V1)
*Transition Patrol Carbon (V1)
*Yeti SB55c
*Santa Cruz Hightower LT
*Niner RIP (V2)
*Santa Cruz Jackal
*Trek Slash

Count: 31

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, and I am omitting road bikes, cruiser bikes, town bikes, motorcycles, short term test/demo bikes and dirt bikes wink

EDIT: Which way to the bike buying anonymous meeting again!?


7/31/2018 7:41 AM

LOL, nice collection mate!!

I only got 3 bikes since the beginning, soon 4.
The first 2 were B'Twin (I have no shame lol). They tought me a lot on the lines to be chosen and to be smooth, and I highly thank them for that.
Then I fulfill one of my dream, I did a custom build with a RM Slayer SS frame I got (second hand). It took me a year or so to buy everything (was still a student so I had to choose wisely). This build lasted until this year so I can say that it was well chosen.
And now I am waiting for my Spectral 2018 to come home sooner or later.

Yeah that's not really bikeporn compared to you but as long as it put smiles on my face, then it's OK smile


7/31/2018 8:00 AM

Trek 930
Benest DS
Banshee Scream
Banshee Scratch
Race Bike Bandit
Race Bike Dragster
Appalache Real
Balfa 2Step 4x
Specialized Demo 8 I
Specialized Pitch
Nukeproof Mega AM
Votec VD Elite
Banshee Rune V2 2016
Banshee Rune V2 2018


7/31/2018 9:00 AM

Generic hardtrail with single crown fork (15 years ago)
Generic hardtrail with dual crown fork
Oxford Emerald DH
Kona Stinky
PDC Racing 8two5
Santa Cruz Nomad v1
Kona Cadabra
Yeti SB66c
Devinci Troy Carbon v1
Yeti SB6c
Yeti SB5.5 (now)


7/31/2018 9:06 AM

Trek dh200 with boxer
Giant stp with a variety of forks
Trek session 77 with totem
Eastern nighttrain in 24"
Intense 24"
Cannondale judge WC replica
NS suburban dirt
Giant trance 275


7/31/2018 9:15 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 9:17 AM

Specialized Stumpjumper 93' - the addiction begins
GT Karakoram 94' - top tube and down tube bent during crash
Barracuda UNLTD 95' - I really though the XTR made me cool
Jamis Komodo 99' - snapped headtube off doing dirt jumps
PlantX Pitbull 02' - cracked top tube and down tube riding street
.243 Racing DH 03' - will not die no matter what I do to it!! still riding it
Kona Stinkey DeeLux 05' - raced DH on this thing
Giant Trance 06' - wish I never sold this bike
Giant Glory 00 08' - still riding this pig
Transition Double 09' - surprisingly fun for trail riding - flow trail f'in destroyer
Ibis Mojo 10' - Nice bike but overrated at the time
Banshee AMP 10' - Still riding it
Banshee Rune V2 16' - Best mountain bike I have owned to date


7/31/2018 9:30 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 9:33 AM

Univega Alpina
Gary Fisher X-Caliber
*GT Karakorum
Intense Uzzi SL
Azonic DS-1 (x2 - I got a newer one)
Schwinn Straight 8
Kona Dawg Deluxe (x2 - I think I had the '04 and the '05)
Rocky Mountain RM9
Mountain Cycle something or other dirt jumper
Astrix Huckster
Groundup Dirt Jumper
Felt Revelation
*Raleigh XXIX
*Canfield Yelli Screamy
Pivot Firebird
Trek Session
Specialized Enduro
Specialized Demo 8
Canfield Jedi
*Devinci Spartan
Devinci Troy
Evil Following
*Santa Cruz Jackal
*Devinci Wilson
Trek Remedy
Santa Cruz Hightower
*Trek Slash

I'm fairly certain I've missed a few, but that's most of them.
* is for bikes I still have.


7/31/2018 9:32 AM

None of mine stayed stock for long, if they ever were stock, so I included some upgrades/changes.

- Columbia 24-inch department store "MTB", in 1993ish
- Destroyed (dropouts mangled) after casing a double

- 1993 Bridgestone MB-6
- bought in 1994
- Girvin Flex Stem
- Onza bar-ends
- Gave to younger brother
- Stolen!

- 1997? Giant ATX-90? frame only
- bought in 1997
- RockShox Mag-21 -> Manitou Minute? -> RockShox Dart 2
- XTish 3x8 drivetrain
- Avid BB7 brakes (A2Z disc adapter)
- RhynoLite/Shimano wheels
- Shimano PD-525? SPDs (Still have them, and they work! But I ride flats now.)

- 2005? Rocky Mountain Element 50?
- bought in 2011
- Avid BB7 disc brakes (from Giant)
- RhynoLite/Shimano wheels (from Giant)
- SRAM X7ish 2x9 drivetrain

- 2009 Salsa El Kaboing
- bought in 2013
- Hope Pro4 & Stan's Flow EX wheels
- FIT4 damper upgrade in Float 32 150
- Specialized Command Post 125mm dropper -> Fox DOSS 125mm -> Fox Transfer 125mm external
- SRAM/SunRace GX/X01DH 1x10 drivetrain
- Specialized Bennies flat pedals
- Frame broke at NDS chainstay

- 2012 Ibis Mojo SL, frame & shock only
- bought in 2016
- Hope Pro4 & Stan's Flow EX wheels (from Salsa)
- Fox Transfer 125mm external (from Salsa)
- 2016 Float 36 160 HSC/LSC 20mm axle
- 2016 RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 (2mm offset bushing for a bit of added slackness)
- Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes
- SRAM/SunRace/RaceFace GX/Aeffect 1x11 drivetrain
- Renthal bars & stem
- Crank Bros Stamp 3 DM flat pedals

- 2016 NS Bikes Clash, frame only
- bought in 2017
- Float 32 FIT4 130 15QR (lowered, from Salsa)
- SRAM/SunRace/RaceFace GX/X01DH/Ride 1x10 drivetrain (from Salsa)
- Fox Transfer 125mm external
- Hope Pro2 & WTB/Mavic wheels
- SRAM DB5 brakes
- Renthal bars, RaceFace stem


7/31/2018 9:34 AM

cannondale SM500 w/26" fr and 24" rr wheels
bridgestone MB3 w/softride stem
jamis dakar
proflex 857
psycle werks wild hare
surly instigator
giant trance
specialized enduro
giant trance
trek session 88
giant trance


7/31/2018 9:41 AM

Big bikes started in 06ish

Gen 1 Demo 8
Gen 2 Transition Blindside
Cove Hooker
Deity cryptkeeper no.1
Transition TR250
Transition TR450 Gen 2
Devinci Spartan Gen 1
Deity Cryptkeeper no.2
GT Fury, current generation
Transition Patrol Carbon (metric)
Transition TR11


7/31/2018 9:44 AM

Bridgestone MB-1
Yo Eddy
Green Cycles(Don't know the model. It was a steel FS team bike...)
VooDoo Canzo
VooDoo Bizango
VooDoo Bokor
Santa Cruz Heckler
Santa Cruz Chameleon
Schwinn Homegrown HT
Schwinn 4 Banger
Schwinn Straight 6
Specialized SW Enduro V2
Specialized SW Enduro V3
Specialized SW Epic
Giant Trance Adv
Specialized SW Stumpy
Trek Slash
Maverick ML8 set up as a SS


7/31/2018 10:07 AM

When I had only one bike:
2001 Specialized Hardrock Cro-Mo (Still own!)

Kona Cowan
Planet-X Zebdi
NS Bikes Majesty
Simtra BnB
Black Market Contraband
Dartmoor Ghetto

Giant A/C Air
Trek Session 77
Banshee Wildcard, Bianchi PUSS
Banshee Rune

Lemond Alpe d'Huez
Klein Qauntum Race

Single Speed:
Fuji Track
Surly Steamroller, Bianchi CUSS


7/31/2018 10:19 AM

I'll play, gonna start around age 14 when I started getting real bikes. Started working in a shop in the summer of 1993 and racing a lot...

1993 GT something - full rigid, under chainstay U-brake
1994 GT Ricochet - first suspension fork, RS Quadra
Old Trek steel road bike
1995 Mantis Profloater - first full suspension, people thought I was crazy having 2.5" of travel
1995 Trek 5200 OCLV road bike

Mantis and 5200 went with me to college, where I got pretty heavy into paddling whitewater and took a pretty long break from seriously riding bikes. Pre-tubeless in thorny NM equals flats on flats even with heavy Slime tubes. Moved to Utah in 2006 and got back into it pretty quick.

Cobbled together 2000ish Redline Monocog rigid SS
Ventana El Chamuco - coil/coil, disc brakes, Gravity Dropper, now we're talking!
Raleigh Rush Hour fixed gear commuter
Specialized P2
Turner DHR square tube
Intense SS
Turner Highline
Corsair Crown
Corsair Marque
Corsair Konig
Corsair Ducat
Transition TR450
Niner Jet9
Niner Sir9
Knolly Chilcotin
Niner Rip9 v2
Niner WFO
Pivot Mach 4
Giant Reign Adv 0
Giant TCX 0
Orbea Avant Disk
Pivot Switchblade
Another Reign Adv 0 - went up a size
Yeti SB100


...she had a weakness for writers and I, I was never that good with words anyway...

7/31/2018 11:02 AM

What an awesome idea!

I got my first bike when I was 12 years old. Didn't even know how to ride before that. I got hooked immediately, and the collection began.

My mountain bikes (and Dirt jump bikes), in approximate order:

First bikes:

Norco Katmandu (The first bike, also the first of MANY Norco's)

Kona Fire Mountain

Norco Team Issue (XC bike which I used for dirt jumping until I destroyed it in a crash)

Asama El Diablo (DJ hardtail)


Norco VPS Drop

Started working in the industry:

Yeti AS-X

Dobermann Pinscher 21.5

24 Bikes Toy 4

Another Dobermann Pinscher (still have it, too!)

Norco Fluid LT

Dobermann Molosse

Turner DHR

Specialized Demo 7

Dobermann Le Pink

Dobermann MBF

Santa Cruz Driver 8

Dobermann Stella (The Dobermann DH bike. It was crazy cool)

Specialized Demo 8

Yet another Dobermann Pinscher (the last one)

Rocky Mountain Slayer Royale

Niner Air 9 (First real XC bike!)

Norco Range Killer B3

Norco Sight C7.4

NS Fuzz

Norco Aurum C7.2

Norco Range C7.3

Norco Optic C7.1

Current staple:

Norco Torrent Plus / Optic 29'er (build kit migrates back and forth)

Norco Range C9.3

Norco Aurum HSP

Whew. That was a cool trip down memory lane! It should be noted that a few of these I own/owned simultaneously... I don't sell bikes that fast.


7/31/2018 11:34 AM

1996 GT Avalnche LE
1999 Kona Chute w/ triple clamp RS Judy
2000 Kona Stinky dee-lux
2001ish Rocky Mountain RM9 (the green one) -> cracked
2002 Rocky Mountain RM9 (the flame paint job)
2002 Rocky Mountain RM6 (red frame)
2004 Tomac 204 Magnum (black frame built with Monster T)
2002ish Psycle Werx Wild Hare
2002ish Cove Stiffee SL
2004 Rocky Mountain RMX
2005 Giant DH Team w/ Dorado
2006 Giant Anthem 3
2009 Giant Trance 3
2013 Giant Reign 2
2014 Turner Burner
2015 Specialized P3
2016 Trek Fuel EX 9.9
2017 Evil Following
2018 Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Current Stable:
2006 Giant TCR Advanced T-Mobile Team Edition (hanging in the house)
2014 Giant Sedona Hybrid Bike (cruising the neighborhood with the family)
2015 Specialized P3
2016 Turner Cyclosis cross bike (built with wide slick tires)
2018 Trek Fuel EX 9.9 Frame custom built

Really wish I would have held onto the Tomac DH bike. Gave the Psycle Werx to my cousin a few years back and it was stollen in Portland unfortunately.


7/31/2018 12:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 2:42 PM

Huffy bmx
Huffy mtb
24” Mongoose
Nishiki Ariel
Nishiki Ariel
Haro Elevated chain stay
**Alpinestars Elevated chain stay
AMP Research – double downtube
**AMP Research – with the linkage fork
*Ritchey Pro-Logic
Specialized Stumpjumper
Bianchi BASS
Haro bmx

Schwinn Straight 8
Mongoose Hard Tail dirt jumper
Santa Cruz Super 8
Santa Cruz Chameleon
Santa Cruz Superlight
Santa Cruz V-10
Santa Cruz Chameleon
S&M Stricker
**Santa Cruz Bullet
*Eastern Plain Jane
Giant Trance

2015 - Present
**Santa Cruz 5010
Intense Spider
*Intense Carbine
*Banshee Amp

*Bikes I own
**Bikes I've given to family and are still around

7/31/2018 12:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 2:47 PM

1996 - Gary Fisher Wahoo
1998 Specialized Stumpy M2
2001 Schwinn Straight 6
2003 Balfa BB7
2005 Specialized p1
2005 Giant DH COMP
2006/2007 Sinister R9
2008 GIant Glory
2008 K2 Hardtail Zed something
Some Cannondale Road Bike
2011 Specialized Demo 8
2012 Giant Reign xo
2015 Scott Gambler -- what a gamble !
2015 Transition Transam Hardtail it was like going back to high school !
2016 Commencal V4
2017 Giant Trance
2018 Specialized Enduro Comp
2018 Another Commencal V4

feel lucky to have grown up riding in the development years from 2000 and up to refinement years later on before the many new standards took over in 2015 to the space ships in the next 5 years


7/31/2018 12:54 PM

Oh man, I'm getting old now so recalling all of this is a bit sketchy. I'm sure there are more that I can't recall at the moment...
Here goes:

1985 Schwinn BMX bike, blue
1991 Trek 800 antelope
1995 Balance (from the catalog at the back of MB Action!)
1996 GT Karakoram
1998 GT Zascar LE
1998 Foes Weasel
1999 Chetah (5 inch DH bike)
2000 Foes LTS
2001 Foes LTS Mono
2001 Foes DJ/4x hardtail
2002 Yeti DH9
2002 Yeti 4x
2002 Specialized Allez road bike
2002 Standard BMX
2003 Yeti DH9
2004 Yeti DH9
2004 Yeti 4x
2004 Schwinn Homegrown Proto DJ
2004 Schwinn Straight 8
2004 Specialized P-1
2004 Giant NRS
2005 GT DHi
2005 GT DJ bike
?? Gary Fisher RS-1 (with Campy Disc brake!)
2006 Turner DHR
2006 Turner 6Pack (Horst)
2006 Turner 5 Spot (Horst)
2006 Specialized Allez road bike
2007 Turner 5 Spot (TNT)
2007 Turner DH-R
2008 Transition Bottle Rocket
2008 Transition Covert
2008 Transition Blindside
2009 Specialized Stumpjumper
2009 Cannondale CAAD 9 road bike
2009 Trek Session 88
2009 Trek Fuel EX9
2009 Dolan Precursa Track Bike
2010 Trek Session 88
2010 Specialized Stumpjumper
2010 Mosaic Custom Ti DJ
2011 Specialized Stumpjumper
2011 Koxx Karbon Trials bike
2012 Salsa Mukluk
2012 NS DJ bike
2012 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
2013 Yeti SB66c
2014 Yeti SB66c
2015 Yeti SB5c
2015 Salsa Mukluk
2016 Yeti SB6c
2016 Yeti SB5.5
2017 Yeti SB5.5
2017 Yeti SB5
2018 Yeti SB5.5
2018 Yeti SB4.5

Current Gear:
2018 Transition Sentinel
2017 Evil Following V1


7/31/2018 1:14 PM

Not so long a list for me... I tend to hold onto bikes longer than I should. Couple road bikes listed in here, too.

2008 Trek 3700 (became a commuter after I bought the Marin)
2009 Fuji SLM 1.0 (borrowed for XC racing while I owned the Trek)
2008 Marin Indian Fire Trail (cracked the frame & got a replacement from Marin circa 2010/11)
2011 Cannondale Synapse 6 Alloy
2012 Breezer Cloud 9 Team
2012 Giant Trance X2
2017 Giant Trance 2
2016 Salsa Warbird 105


7/31/2018 1:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/1/2018 7:03 AM

From age 13 to 39

1993 Specialized Hardrock Sport (rigid, then with Specialized Futureshox, raced wearing a Team Yeti jersey)
1993 Cannondale Delta V (high single-pivot air shock had to run w/ zero sag. Basically a hardtail. Cracked shock mount)
1994 Canondale Super V w/ carbon swingarm (replacement for Delta V)
1995 DEAN BamBam (broke the chainstay riding off the curb - I weighed at most 140lb at the time)
1996 GT LTS DH (cracked seat tube weld)
1997 GT LTS DH (replacement for '96 model, ZZYZX fork overshadowed any flaws the frame might have had)
1998 GT Lobo carbon (wore out bushings is a week, shimmed them with Coke cans)
1999 Giant ATX-DH (broke one coil spring, otherwise trouble free for a change)
2000 Giant ATX DH (along with the '99 ATX probably the ugliest bike I even owned, but thought it looked rad at the time)
2002 Giant DH Team (still the best looking Giant DH bike in my opinion)
2003 Orange 223 (white, with floating rear brake)
2003 Orange Patriot (custom shock, lowered, slackened to 64 HA, easily the best trail bike I ever rode until 2012)
2004 Orange 223 (grey, without floating brake, so much better)
2005 Orange 223 (exact same as 2004)
2006 Orange 224 (actually orange this time)
2007 Iron Horse Sunday (like everyone else)
2008 Iron Horse Sunday (see above)
2009 Evil Revolt (one of the only ones not to break, then I sold it and it cracked on the guy like two weeks later)
2010 Trek Session Team (looked exactly like a Session)

Quit racing, took a two-year break from bikes. Started playing with a camera. Got back into bikes again.

2013 Banshee Rune II (Loved this one, flew under the radar but a bit ahead of its time w geo/travel similar to Nomad 3, ran it first w/ 26 and later w/ 275 wheels)
2013 Evil Uprising (pre-production model(s), one of the last growing pains before The Following arrived)
2015 Santa Cruz Nomad 3 (with custom Yellow graphics to cover the pink)
2017 Yeti sb5.5 turq (switched to bandwagon wheels. Finally owned the Yeti my 13 year old self always wanted)
2018 Yeti sb5.5 turq (same rad bike, different color)
2019 (coming soon)


7/31/2018 1:56 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 2:00 PM

Wow, some serious lists, some of you must have massive garages! I have a lot of frame swaps but generally in order of purchase, some are second hand so the dates dont necessarily go upwards :

1996 Decathlon rockrider 500 (got it when i was 12 and resurrected it in 2006, frame swap later) **
2008 Giant reign ( broke 2 linkages and wore out the BB shell, frame swap)
2008 steel DJ frame (got robbed within 6 months)
200? alu saracen DJ bike (horrible) **
2007ish Commencal Furious (great bike)
2009 Norco DH (awesome bike)
200? Kona HT (blue and white, maybe a "stuff") *
2008 Lapierre Spicy (frame swap from giant, cracks everywhere but still own and ride it every so often) *
2012 Lapierre Spicy (sizing was a disaster, they made huge mistakes with the geometry)
2014 Specialized Enduro 29 comp (way way a head of its time)
2016 Jeffsy AL 29 (good bike, great value) *
2018 Commencal Meta Power (not a real bike, but so much more fun)*

* Still have the bike
** Still have the frame


7/31/2018 2:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 2:21 PM

My first real bike was age 14 my dad have me his old 1997 Cannondale Super V freeride edition.

For my 16th birthday my parents bought me my first bike. I've paid for everything after that. Bikes appear in order obtained:
2002 Intense M1
2010 Haro Porter
**2010 Felt Compulsion (dirt jump setup)
2012 Evil Revolt
2005? Iron Horse Porter
2008 Rocky Mountain Slayer SS
2012 Octane One Void
2012 Giant Faith
2012 Devinci Wilson
2011 Trek Scratch
2013 Prototype Corsair Konig
2012 Rocky Mountain Flatline
2012 Kona Entourage
2008 Rocky Mountain Flatline
2014 Rocky Mountain Flatline
*****Started in Shops*****
2015 Giant Glory
2015 Giant Trance
2011 Kona Bass
2015 Raleigh Tokul
2012 NS Soda Slope
2010 Giant STP
**2014 Trek Ticket S R-Dog edition
*2016 Washburn Dirt Jump
2014 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 26
**2017 Rotec Revert 5.0
2012 Banshee Legend Mmm
2015 Trek Session Park
*2009 Commencal Supreme DH V2
*2018 Specialized P.Slope
*2019 Specialized Stumpjumper 29

*indicates still owned, **indicates frame only

That's just my mountain bikes. Had a few fixies and cruisers and klunkers I left out.

Lots of overlap on a lot of these bikes, around the RM Slayer area there was a bike theft/insurance payout which helped. Most were custom builds, so I'd just get new frames, swap parts, and sell the old frame. I'd love to make a tree of which bike turned into or funded which bike. At one point I owned 4 dirt jumpers at the same time. I've still got three haha.


7/31/2018 2:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 2:19 PM

Mine is a shorter list, been riding for about 7 years now.

2009 Specialized Rockhopper
2009 Kona Dawg Deluxe
2011 Kona Tanuki
2006 Specialized demo
2013 Specialized demo
2014 Devinci Troy
2015 Yt Tues
2015 Scott Voltage yz
2018 Devinci Spartan


7/31/2018 2:19 PM

All bikes or MTB only? Heck with it, I'll go all bikes since the list isn't THAT long...

1977 Huffy POS. They didn't call it a POS, but it was.
1979 Team Murray BMX. Chrome & gold. Ohhhh yeah.
1981 Diamond Back BMX. Like the Harry Leary Special, but not black. It was also chrome & gold (with yellow Comp 3 tires!)
1988 Jamis Dakar
1994 Cannondale 3.0
2005 Gary Fisher Cake 2 dlx
2017 Commencal Meta AM V4.2


7/31/2018 2:37 PM

Specialized Rockhopper
Fuji. The anchor
Bianchi Ibex

Gary Fisher Joshua
Orbea Alma
GT Sensor
Santa Cryz V10
GT Pantera
Specialuzed Enduro


7/31/2018 3:11 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/1/2018 9:57 AM

2005: Mondraker Petrol Evo (2004 model) - broke the frame in 2006


2006: Specialized Demo 9 (2005 model) - sold in 2009


2007: Specialized P2 Cr (2006 model) - sold in 2009


2009: Intense M3 (2007 model) - sold in 2014


2013: Cannondale Prophet (2009 model) - my brothers current bike


2014: Cannondale Prophet MX (2009 model) - sold in 2016


2014: Iron Horse Sunday (2008 model - M size) - sold in 2015 - VitalMTB Bike of the day November 16, 2014


2015: Iron Horse Sunday (2008 model - L size) - current bike - VitalMTB Bike of the day November 22, 2015


2015: Giant Reign (2016 model) - current bike


I bought almost all of my bikes used and on the DH bikes most of the times frame only.
Before 2005 I had a couple of low end supermarket bikes and BMX bikes.


7/31/2018 4:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 4:39 PM

Ok I just finished reading my list, some nostalgia for sure, and alot I don't want to remember hahaha....
Cheap dept. store bmx ,Columbia?
1988 schwinn high Sierra mtb
Mongoose 1980's bmx I built-up
1995 GT fueler bmx, modded with front v-brake for trials
1997 GT Tequesta mtb with RS indy XC
2001 kona stinky five, I upgraded this alot, raced DH in the WIM series on it.
2001 Redline SupaX bmx
2002? Azonic Eliminator DH
2000 kona scab
2003 Banshee scream
2001 stinky
2006 Transition dirt bag
2001 Raleigh 3000? Looked like an old giant warp
*2003 Iron Horse hardtail, turned into commuter
2005 Giant Stp
2009 Azonic steelhead
2009 intense 6.6 SS
*2010 sapient bmx
2011 Specialized stumpjumper Evo
2013 Scott voltage
*2014 octane one zircus
2014 morpheus Skyla
*2017 zerode taniwha
I have pics of most of these on another bike site


7/31/2018 6:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 6:18 PM

Great idea Jeff! I miss the bmx’s the most. And of course the BMW

Mongoose Hooligan
S&M Dirtbike
Standard STA OXP
T1 Barcode
Kink Fiend

Indy Fab (so rad but rear end so flexy)
Diamondback Ti hardtail something I think?
Surly Instigator w Marz Z1
Transition TransAm (now SS)

GT LTS 5, replaced with LTS 2 when 5 broke
SC Bullit w Jr T
BMW TMX (when hucking was life)
Demo 8
Ibis Mojo HD
Yeti SB6 (x3)


7/31/2018 7:10 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2018 7:21 PM

Canfield EPO
Pivot Mach 429 Trail
Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL
Atherton Meta4x
Canfield "The One"
Canfield Jedi
Canfield Yelli Screamy
Canfield Yelli Screamy 2
Corsair Konig
Diamondback Scapegoat
Evil Revolt
Evil The Following
Kona Entourage
Pivot Firebird
Transition Smuggler
Transition TransAm SS
Santa Cruz v10
Jamis Dakar
Cannondale Claymore
Pivot Mach 5
Yeti 303DH

I miss the Evil Revolt the most :-(


7/31/2018 7:22 PM

special ed hardrock
2001 gt-dhi team (with an extra support welded into the swingarm and i-drive bolts that didnt exactly fit because GT didnt have any more and i kept cracking them - got real good at finding replacements that would work at the hardware store)
2004 marin team dh (24" rear wheel for hucks)
2007 santa cruz v10 (had a team linkage so it was super low)
2008 iron horse sunday (also with hardware store hardware, but better fit since the linkage on that bike was essentially just the cheap bolt section of the hardware store)
2009 cove shocker (NSD custom dropouts)
2011 Intense M9
2012 transition covert
2013 Antidote Lifeline (first production large they made, had a serial number of 001, had a different linkage from stock that slackened and lowered it further but only had 208mm travel instead of 220mm, hangs on my wall looking pretty now)
2016 Evil Insurgent