List off the mountain bikes you've had

Boise, ID US
6/28/2014 8:29pm Edited Date/Time 7/30/2021 7:36pm
it'll be fun to see the journey everyone has taken through the years (or the journey you may just be starting!)

what's funny is that before getting into MTB media, i blew my paycheck and swapped out parts, frames or bikes every chance i coud (MTBR ruled back then for finding the goods!). once i started making a a "living" in MTB media, i hardly ever swapped out bikes. irony?

a lot of these were frame swaps only and i'm not positive of order or details.

1991 Bridgestone MB6 (barely a mountain bike)
1993 Gary Fisher Tassajara (first mountain bike i consciously saved for so i could have a "mountain bike")
1997 Specialized "max backbone" fsr (started as "trail bike" and morphed into hideous pseudo-dh bike)
1998 (i think) to around 2002 GT XCR2000 i drive
1998-1999 Santa Cruz Super 8 (beer can steeze)
1999-2000 Intense M1 (frame only, used parts off Super 8)
2000-2001 Specialized FSR DH (it had a monster T and lime green doublewides)
late 2001 Santa Cruz Super 8 (thanks big crank!)
2002 Some overbuilt Kona hard tail (north shore influenced)
2003 Dirt Works Slalomander
2005 GT Idrive 2.0 or something
2008 Iron Horse Yakuza
2009 Santa Cruz Chameleon
2009 Superco Charger
2010 Trek Session 88
2010 Santa Cruz Nomad
2012 Specialized Stumpy EVO Comp (current ride)

the m1 in all its glory

Rocky Point, NY US
6/28/2014 9:16pm
Well, here we go…

(approx date owned)
1980 - late 70's Royce Union, purple, w/ removable TT
1983 - Columbia BMX, black w/ yellow mags
1985 - Saint Tropez Aerolite
1987 - Haro Sport
1992 - Trek 820 (still in Mom & Dad's garage)
1993 - Cannondale R400
1994 - Specialized Stumpjumper M2 (sold/traded w/ brother for below FSR)
1995 - Cannondale M900
1996 - '94 Specialized S-Works FSR
1996 - '93 Specialized Allez Pro (borrowed to race cross)
1996 - Masi Team 3V (given to Todd Bosch)
1997 - '95 Santa Cruz Tazmon

(often model year)
1998 - Foes Slammer DH
1997 - Iron Horse ARS 900 (slalom)
1998 - Iron Horse ARS 9.0 (XC)
1999 - Iron Horse ARS 8.0 (slalom)
2000 - Intense M1 SL
2000 - Iron Horse G-Spot (slalom)
2000 - Iron Horse Hollowpoint (XC)
2001 - Profile Racing DR-1
2001 - Iron Horse G-Spot (slalom)
2001 - Iron Horse custom geometry slalom hardtail
2001 - Iron Horse Hollowpoint (XC)
2002.5 - Iron Horse Hollowpoint dw-link prototype (still have)
2003 - Iron Horse Hollowpoint Team (XC)
2003 - BeOne Team DH (Richard DeFrancisco has)
2003 - BeOne Duel hardtail
2004 - Iron Horse SGS-DH World Cup
2004 - Iron Horse Hollowpoint MTX
2005 - Iron Horse Sunday Factory Jazz Blue (serial number SKA01)
2005 - Iron Horse Victory Team (still have)
2005 - Iron Horse MkIII prototype
2006 - Iron Horse Sunday Factory Arctic White
2006 - Iron Horse Azure Factory
2007 - Iron Horse Sunday Factory White/Red
2007 - Iron Horse MkIII Expert (still have)
2008 - Iron Horse Sunday Elite (still have)
2008 - Evil Sovereign (still have)
2009 - Evil Sovereign prototype (still have)
2009 - Evil Revolt (still have)
2009 - Evil Faction
2010 - GT Fury Carbon prototype
2010 - GT Fury Carbon Spec A (Firth has now)
2010 - GT Sensor 9R Pro
2010 - GT Zaskar 9R Pro
2010 - GT Force Carbon Pro (still have)
2011 - GT Fury Carbon custom neon orange (still have)
2011 - GT Sanction neon yellow (still have)
2012 - GT GTR Carbon Team (stil have)
2013 - GT Zaskar 100 9R Pro (still have)
2013 - GT Kashmir 9R hardtail (still have)
2013 - GT Speed Series 26"
2013 - GT Interceptor 26" (still have)
2014 - GT Fury Team (still have)
2014 - GT Force X Expert (still have)
2014 - GT Sensor Carbon Pro (still have)
Boise, ID US
6/28/2014 9:18pm
haha HOLY CRAP todd
Riverside, CA US
6/28/2014 10:17pm
Specialized hardrock
Giant ac2
Turner dhr
Khs alite300
Foes hydro
Giant trance
Khs dh300(current)
Specialized enduro29(current)
Leighton Buzzard GB
6/28/2014 11:23pm Edited Date/Time 6/28/2014 11:39pm
GT Timberline --- 1990 I think

Kona Cinder cone race lite - great bike

GT LTS (first full suss)

Specialized rockhopper - first disc brakes

Specialized Enduro (first incarnation) - snapped

Ellsworth Joker - snapped

Banshee Scream - bought in Whistler, where I snapped the Joker

Banshee Scirrocco (hardtail) - great bike

De vinci - not Wilson, but similar full sus that took a 24" back wheel.

BMW park bike

Kona Howler - great bike

Kona Stab Supreme

Santa Cruz Chameleon

Iron Horse 6.6

Iron Horse Sunday

Static - jump bike

Commecal Absolut (brown one)

Commencal supreme - 6" mini DH - great bike, did Megavalanche on it twice

Commencal meta 4x - great bike

Commencal Absolut 4X

Commencal Absolut steel DJ

Evil hard tail

Nukeproof Snap

Santa Cruz Jackal - stolen

Mondraker Foxy - stolen

Mondraker Summum - stolen

GT Bomba DJ

Commencal Ramones

Specialized Stumpjumper evo

Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Evo - great bike, did first ever EWS on it in Punta Ala

Kona Operator

Specialized Enduro Evo

Norco Shinobi 1 - first, maybe only, 29er

Transition Klunker - still got

Kona Process 153 DL - still got, probably the best bike I've ridden

Yeti DJ - getting swapped for a Stanton Slackline

I love bikes! All self funded and a lot second hand.

6/29/2014 1:38am
1990 No name Taiwan steel frame with LX stuff (fist bikes are always great)

1992 Principia MacB (that was a real pos!)

1993 Hot Chili German Hardtail (the wildest thing for it's time, yeah)

1998 Yeti Kokopelli Fs (somewhat ok)

2005 Yeti ASX (first bike to be able to take on real trails)

2007 Giant Reign X (was cheap)

2008 Nicolai Helius FR (will never break, but old school)

2010 Nicolai Helius Am Custom (looked and rode really superb, yet a heavy bike)

2012 Ibis Mojo HD (plastic fantastic)

2013 Transition Klunker (well, coaster brake!)
Dundee GB
6/29/2014 4:03am Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 9:09am
Had loads of crappy bikes growing up before i got to my early teens that i bodged, fettled and upgraded with my pocket money and such, but my first "proper" bike, my parents bought me, it was a 98 Giant Boulder Duo Shock.

1998 Giant Boulder Duo Shock (abused this beyond repair but still have the frame)
1999 Wethepeople BMX (didnt enjoy the BMX sold it shortly after)
2000 Identiti Dr Jekyll (in various builds over the years) Still got the frame, but its a bit worse for wear now.
2002 Specialized Bighit DH, in the original rootbeer, with 02 Monster T's(sold)
2003 Karpiel Apocalypse, twin shock monster, complete with Risse Champ Big daddy upgrade (Sold)
2009 Marin Madrone Trail (Still got the frame)
2011 Nukeproof Scalp (Stolen)
Current Rides
2013 Vitus Dominer II (considering selling and getting a lightweight trail bike)
2014 YT Industries Tues 2.0 Comp

Most of these bikes were rebuilt in various specs over the years, I'd say the Bighit was the most memorable, not the best bike i've had but it was definitely the one i had the most fun on.

Identiti (Frankenbike, one of many builds, my most used and abused bike i've ever owned)

Bighit (before the Monster T's)

Karpiel (air shock and linkage removed)

Marin (first bike after a long break from biking)



Tues 2.0
Moscow, ID US
6/29/2014 7:29am
Here are all the bikes I've had in my life, dam it adds up huh

1. Mongoose full rigid with moose antler handlebars
2. Schwinn Moab
3. Cannondale Jekyll with a lefty (first full suspension and it got stolen while in niagra falls)
4. Jamis Dakar XLT (learned how awesome fox suspension is)
5. Haro Extreme Hardtail (custom build)
6. Giant Faith 2007 (first real DH/freeride bike)
7. Specialized Demo 8 pro 2008 (broke the frame and got replaced)
8. Specialized Demo 8 pro 2009 frame with old parts, then I upgraded to a 2010 frame
9. Transition TOP single speed
10. Kona Howler (loved it but had to sell it and the guy who bought it got it stolen in 2 days)
11. DK 8 pack BMX
12. Giant XTC road bike
13. Cannondale Caad 8 Road bike
14. Giant Faith (owned and road for like 2 days, DON"T GET THIS BIKE!!)
15. Cannondale Claymore (loved it, but they stopped making it sadly)
16. Merlin Road Bike (still riding it and hope to for a long time from now)
17. Specailized Stumpy Evo Comp with lots of upgrades 2013 (hopefully my last mtn bike for a while)
Denver, CO US
6/29/2014 7:54am

2000 Specialized Hardrock Comp

2001 KHS DH-50

2003 Yeti DJ

2006 Demo 8

2009 Spank Tweet Tweet

2011 Transition TOP

A single track bike is inevitable at some point though...
Coburg AU
6/29/2014 8:07am
1992 Specialized Hardrock
1995 Cannondale Super V "Franck Roman"
1996 Cannondale Super V
1996 Cannondale M900
1996 Cannondale Super V 4000 DH
1996 Sunn Radical +
1997 Cannondale F700
1997 Sunn Radical +
1998 Cannondale Super V FR
1998 Sunn Radical + was at least 5 years ahead of anything else
1999 Cannondale F2000
1999 Sunn Radical +
2000 Cannondale Jekyll 900 XC (still have)
2000 Cannondale Raven 900 SX
2001 Ancillotti de tomaso dh
2002 Cannondale Jekyll SX
2002 Scapin Ottobuloni
2002 Vprocess Spyke
2004 Cannondale Jekyll Mk2 SX
2005 Cannondale Prophet
2005 Turner DHR
2007 Specialized Enduro
2007 Cannondale Judge
2009 Trek Remedy 9
2010 Turner 5 Spot
2009 Cannondale Prophet (still have)
2013 Giant Glory (still have)
2014 Turner Burner 650b (still have)
6/29/2014 8:11am Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 8:12am
95 Black BMX
~98 Red 24" mountain bike
06 Raceline Extreme Expert 3
07 Scott Voltage YZ2
04 Giant AC2
04 Giant DH Comp
07 Kona Stinky
11 Giant Glory 1
12 Giant Reign 2
13 Giant Glory 0
08 Giant STP
13 Giant Reign 2
11 Nukeproof Snap
14 Giant Defy Composite 3 (staff bike)
13 Trek Remedy 9.8 (favourite bike, sold to come to Whistler)

14 Trek Session 9.9 (Current)
14 Specialized Enduro Comp 26 (On order)

Not bad for only around 8 years of riding, more to come when I get back to NZ!
Boise, ID US
6/29/2014 8:36am
man, there are some gems in these lists!
Los Angeles, CA US
6/29/2014 9:13am
I'm fairly young and only been in the sport a few years so my list will be...significantly shorter and less impressive than what's before me!

Specialized Hotrock of indeterminate vintage (but it had black rims and spokes so it was cooler than any other bike ever)

1996 Trek Mt. Track XC 830 (Outgrew the Hotrock, started riding my dad's rigid steel beater. And I loved it.)

2010 Cannondale F7 (My first "real" mountain bike. Slapped a 130mm Tora on it because I'm stupid. It was awesome.)

2007 Cannondale Prophet 5 (My 30lb XC racer, everyday trailbike, park bike, and ENDUROOOOO machine)

1994 Cannondale M400 (Originally used to ride to school. Upgraded the shifters and brakes, got some knobbies, and now it's my "Dammit I can't ride my bike right now because parts. Get over hear you old bastard and let's bomb some fireroads!)

2009 GT Sanction 2.0 (36lbs of purple fury with an oversprung fork I can't afford to swap because titanium. Still own it.)

2008 Felt Compulsion Team (Bought the frame NOS for cheap, replacing the prophet. Yeah, it's got a lefty.)
6/29/2014 9:13am Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 9:30am
Hmm lemme think,

87? Cyclepro Arroyo24- yeah i was a kid, they all made fun of me (not a BMX) 24" wheels and Suntour 15sp thumbies
91- Cannondale M400- black w/ hot pink decals and a matching pink Blackburn rack!
92- GT Tequesta- Swirly blue/white paint job, Suntour X-1 components
93- GT Zaskar, finally after working at my first bike shop. Came with a rigid and a Judy fork in the box
96- Specialized S-Works FSR- steel frame, Fox Alps
99- Specialized FSR Max Backbone, dual crown SID, also eventually turned into pseudo DH rig
02- Specialized Big Hit- White Bros DH3
03- Rocky Mountain Switch- 1st 6" proper single crown 1.5 set up, crappy Manitou Sherman
03- Specialized P3- this bike would do anything!
04- Karpiel Armageddon- Damn I miss this one!!
05- SC V10- Marla Streb's World Cup rig- Miss this one too!
07? Intense SoCom- way too flexy
07? Intense Spyder
08- SC V10- V1- MZ Shiver!
10- PVD- custom, rigid, SS 29er, still riding
11- Specialized Demo 8
11- Specialized Enduro
12- Specialized SX trail 2 (2010 model), X-Fusion coilies-still riding and loving
12- Specialized Epic
14- Work at a shop with SC, Pivot, and Yeti demos to ride whenever I want Wink

Kent, WA US
6/29/2014 11:02am Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 11:18am
Here's what I can recall;

Some borrowed Nishiki(I think) with bullmoose bars
1990 Cannondale M500 - My first
1992 Cannondale Delta V900 - I still remember this thing being insanely fun to ride!
1992 Cannondale M800 Beast of the East - My first "second bike." Time to get weird.
1993 GT Zaskar LE - First totally pimped ride, started racing
1995 GT LTS-1 - Finally a full suspension I could get behind, haha!
1996 GT custom stock trials bike - More getting weird
1997 Rocky Mountain Vertex TO - possible the best complete bike I ever bought
1997 Monty mod trials - even weirder!
1997 Specialized Max Backbone FSR - fully DH'd out!
1998 Yeti cro-mo hard tail monster - Geez, that must have weighed 40lbs!
1998 S-works steel - single speed conversion
1999 Independent Fabrication custom 853 - first disc only frame out of their shop!
2000 Dirt Works Piranha - right out of Rob Sears' hands!
Custom Ti stock trials frame - built it myself!
2001 Specialized Big Hit - seems goofy now, but that thing changed my life!
2003 Specialized Demo 9 - seemed like a good idea at the time
2004 Specialized Enduro
2006 Specialized SX Trail
2007 Specialized Demo 7 - Converted to 8" light weight DH racer. That thing was so sick.
2008 Specialized SX Trail - So dialed. Still miss that one.
2009 Specialized Stumpjumper
2009 Specialized SX - owned until this year, never should have sold it. Best bike ever.
2009 Specialized SX Trail
2010 Specialized Demo 8 Sam Hill signature - Finally an off-the-shelf DH sled that really fit/worked for me!
2011 Specialized Demo 8
2012 Specialized Demo 8
2012 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
2014 Specialized SX
2014 S-Works Demo 8

Damn! That brings back so many awesome memories!

San Francisco, CA US
6/29/2014 12:07pm
Schwinn sting ray
Schwinn BMX pro
Gitanne Road bike
Raleigh Road Bike
Torpado Road bike
Eddy Merckx
Trek 520
Specialized Rock hopper Comp
Giant NRS
Giant NRS Euro Edition
Kona Stinky
SantaCruz Super 8
SantaCruz V10
Turner DHR
'06 Giant Glory
'13 Devinci Wilson
Redline Monocog flight
Guerciotti Road bike
Santa Cruz Heckler
Redline Dually
Schwinn Heavy Duty
Pueblo West, CO US
6/29/2014 12:43pm Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 2:46pm
MTB only...BMX is a whole different story.

1995 Univega Alpina 501
Specialized Stumpjumer Full Suspension
1995 Scott Motion
1997 Cannondale Volvo Team Killer V (Dual Slalom)
1998 Cannondale Beast of the East 900
1999 Cannondale F2000 Sobe (Dual Slalom)
2000 Cannondale Jekyll 900
2001 Trek Bruiser 1
Arrow Racing DSS (Dual Slalom)
Arrow Racing DS3 (Dual Slalom)
2006 Kona Stinky
2006 Haro Zero 1
2007 Kona Stinky Deluxe
2007 DMR Transition
2008 Blk Mrkt Riot
Spank Tweet Tweet (Dual Slalom)
2007 Kona Coil Air Deluxe
2007 Eastern Slash Air
2008 Kona Bass
2008 Commencal VIP 4x (Dual Slalom)
2008 Intense Slopestyle
2010 Spank Tweet Tweet
Spank Puff (Dual Slalom)
2010 Morewood Makulu
2010 Morewood Kalula
2010 Morewood Mbuzi
2011 Morewood Makulu
2011 Morewood Kalula
2011 Morewood Zula
2011 Morewood Ndiza (Dual Slalom)
Morewood Sukuma Prototype
Custom Titanium Trials Bike
Planet X something-or-other
2012 Identiti AKA
2012 Corsair Dominion
2013 Corsair Konig 8
2014 Corsair Konig 6
2015 Corsair Prototype Imperium
2015 Corsair Toro (Dual Slalom)

I may be missing one or two. Yes, I like DS bikes.
6/29/2014 1:15pm Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 1:23pm
1990 - Roadmaster MTB - steel frame rigid fork from Toy's r Us - Venezuela
1997 - GIANT IGUANA hardtail cromo frame with Rock Shox Indy fork. (Later this bike would get a dual crown RST Capa fork North Shore influence) - Venezuela
2001 - SCHWINN ROCKET 88 - alloy dual suspension frame (broke this bike in one month) - Venezuela
2003 - GIANT AC1 with a Rock Shox Boxxer - Minneapolis, MN
2008 - HARO 357 MAGNUM first "real" downill bike - Portland, OR
2010 - TRANSITION BLINDSIDE - This bike took my riding confidence to the next level. - Portland, OR
2011 - TRANSITION PRESTON FR - Over build trail bike only rode it 3 times to big traded frames.
2011 - KONA COIL AIR - Another trail bike sold it to buy the trek.
2012 - TREK SESSION 8 with Rock Shox Vivid Air and Boxxer. - A downhill racing machine. - Portland, OR
2014 - KONA CARBON OPERATOR with Vivid Air and Boxxer - 35 pounds of snapy freeride/DH fun!!!! - Portland, OR

Castroville, CA US
6/29/2014 1:28pm
And now we know why they call it the bike "industry".
6/29/2014 2:18pm
Let's see... I'll put the years in when I can remember them!

Dawes Easy Rider - tiny kids 5 speed road bike.

Saracen Sahara - Bright yellow rigid MTB with 200GS gear. I loved it, but it was awful.

Saracen Backtrax - Big, black and rigid.

1996 GT LTS-3 - first bike with any suspension at all, awesome elastomers at both ends. Rockshox Quadra 5s! Handled beautifully once they'd warmed up. Later reborn as a single speed freakbike.

1999? Coyote XC-2 - Big 150mm single pivot, carbon rear end, bombers out front. Way ahead of it's time! Also flexy and heavy.

2001? Cove Stiffee FR - because I had to try the hardtail thing again.

Azonic Saber - Fantastic 6" all mountain / mini DH bike. Epic fun, but too heavy!

Orange 222 IBS - First "proper" DH bike. Great bike but I never really loved it. Frame is still in the cellar.

Azonic Recoil - Second proper DH bike. Still got it, but not ridden it for over a year.

2006 Cannondale Prophet - The Saber and LTS got stolen, and the insurance money bought me this. Loved it and rode it to death.

2011 Transition Covert - bought this when the 'dale died. Still love it three years later.

2012 Dartmoor Hornet - bought a frame and fork, built the rest from spares. Fun bike!

6/29/2014 2:26pm
1998 GT outpost

1999 Marin Quake dual slalom - cracked

2000 Orange Patriot - cracked

2003 Spec Bighit

2008 commencal supreme DH - cracked

2011 scott gambler - cracked

2012 nukeproof scalp - cracked

2013 nukeproof scalp warranty replacement
San Luis Obispo, CA US
6/29/2014 2:46pm
1987 Raleigh Grand Teton (Gotta start somewhere).
1989 Specialized Rockhopper (Still have as grocery getter).
1992 Bridgestone MB-3 (Unfinished project).
1994 Specialized M2-FS (First bike w/suspension fork. Broke frame riding the DH race course at Big Bear).
1995 Specialized M2-FS (Replacement for broken '94).
2000 GT XCR-3000 (First full suspension. Liked it a lot, for 5 months until the I-Drive eccentric seized and was unable to service).
2001 Kona Muni-Mula hardtail (Frame, built up with parts from the broken GT. Great bike, a real charger).
2002 Kona Manomano, 3.5 " full suspension (Loved this bike. Rode 5 years, seatstay broke in XC race on 30+ mph descent, off camber corner. No idea how I saved it).
2003 Santa Cruz Heckler (A good bike, but really underwhelmed by it).
2006 Jamis Exile Single Speed 26" (Bought because it was super cheap on close out, surprisingly good bike).
200? Black Cat Single Speed 26" (First one, still have).
2007 Jamis Dakar XAM (1st year, less travel, lower BB & slacker head angle than 2008+ models. Still have frame/shock, don't want to, but have to sell for medical bills. Bummed because I really like it).
2009 Jamis Dakar XCR Expert (Maybe lest favorite MTB ever, I put most of the blame on the crappy Fox RP2 shock).
2010 Black Cat Single Speed custom 26" (second one, still have, freakin' awesome bike).
20?? A frame builder friend built a custom front triangle for me which I assembled with the rear end and swink link of a Jamis XCR (swapped XCR's Fox RP2 for a Monarch RT3). I call it a J-mer, for lack of a better name, a combo of Jamis and the builder's last name. Front triangle is steel, it's stiffer than the stock aluminum Jamis front triangle and only 2.5 ounces heavier. Differs from stock by being 18" (Jamis did not make an 18") and it has a 1.5 degree slacker headangle at 69.5. Considering Works Components headset, which would slacken to 68.5. Couple that with it's 100mm travel and unsagged 12.6" BB height? I think that would make for an ultra fun bike, (it's already super fun)

Porto PT
6/29/2014 2:48pm
first real mtb focus 2008 (dirt, stolen)

umf freddy team 2009 (craked) (first FS)
umf freddy team 2010 (swapped)

quer cxr (xc, still have )

transition tr450 2011 (full bike, first real DH bike
transition tr450 2012 (frame)
transition tr450 2013(frame)
transition covert 2013(full bike) )stil have)
transition tr500 2014/15? (frame) (still have)
6/29/2014 3:32pm
starting somewhere around 1993...

Scott fully rigid (thanks Dad)
Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail
Lenz Revelation
Maverick Durance
Maverick ML8
Commencal Supreme 6
Transition Bottlerocket
Yeti SB66
Specialized SX trail
Knolly Chilcotin

currently riding:
Ragley Blue Pig hartail (mostly for commuting to work)
Specialized Status
Specialized Enduro 29 comp
6/29/2014 3:50pm
....a handful of department store piles preceded my 'serious' involvement into cycling.

1995 Univega Alpina 503
1996 Norco Tango
1997 Kona Explosif
1998 K2 Beast
1999 Norco VPS 1
1997 Fisher Mt. Tam
2000 Balfa BB7
2000 Specialized FSR Elite XC Pro
2001 Balfa BB7
2002 Balfa BB7
2002 Devinci Chameleon
2003 Santa Cruz V10
2004 Devinci Ollie
2004 Santa Cruz Heckler
2004 Santa Cruz Cameleon
2005 Brodie Spark
2006 Appalache
2006 Xprezo Super D
2002 Santa Cruz V10 (early pre production prototype that I restored)
2008 On One 456
2010 Giant Reign 0
2008 Marin something or other
2004 Balfa BB7 (my 4th BB7)
2010 Transition Trans AM
...quit to open a business. back into it again this year
1990 Marin Palisades Trail
2014 Xprezo Adhoc

...Plus a whole bunch of road bikes, bmx's, old resto's, single speeds, etc etc.

That took a lot of mental processing to remember that.
Portsmouth, NH US
6/29/2014 5:36pm
2001 Redline, 340 (BMX)
2005 Specialized, Fuse 2 (BMX)
Started working at my local BS
2005 eastern, grim reaper (frame only BMX) still have this complete and riding
2010 eastern, codec(frame only BMX) still have it riding
2012 Kona, Tanuki Deluxe
2013 Kona, Tanuki DL replacement frame LOVE THIS TRIAL BIKE, PIKE, DBCS, BLISS
2014 Kona, Carbon operator DH MACHINE
2005 Specialized, P2 (frame only) Dirt Jumper
???? TED WOJCIK Custom DH frame only.

Clinton, TN US
6/29/2014 6:41pm
Ross Mt Washington (not sure year)
Fisher Advance
Fisher ProCaliber
Yeti ProFRO
Canondale jeklly
Specialized Bighit
Dirtworkz Piranha
Kona Scab
Yeti DH9
Yeti ASX
Yeti DJ (still have)
Morewood Izimu
Morewood shova LT
Morewood Shova ST
Morewood Makulu
Morewood Mbuzi
Specialized Enduro Carbon
Yeti SB66 (current)
Woodstock, GA US
6/29/2014 7:00pm
Ross mtb in the late 80's
94 or 95 GT Timberline steel frame.
Rotec slalom hard tail. Lisa Shers' old frame 1 of 4, not even a serial #
Rotec DH
Spec endure gen 1
Spec endure gen 2
Spec endure gen 3
Trek fuel something, entry level model. won it trail building
Trek Fuel ex
Devinci Wilson
Orem, UT US
6/29/2014 7:08pm Edited Date/Time 6/29/2014 7:13pm
1) 2003 Cannondale Jekyll 500
2) 2004 Cannondale Jekyll 800
3) 2005 Cannondale Chase
4) 2006 Specialized SX Trail
5) 2007 Specialized Big Hit
6) 2007 Specialized Demo 7
7) 2007 Cannondale. Chase
8) 2007 Specialized Langster (fixie road bike )
9) 2008 Specialized Demo 8
10) 2008 Specialized Roubaix (Carbon Road bike)
11) 2008 Specialized P. Cro-mo
12) 2009 Pivot Mach 5
13) 2009 Pivot Firebird
14) 2010 Turner DHR
15) 2011 Yeti 575
16) 2013 Yeti SB-66a (current bike)
17) Surly Cross-check (steel cross bike)
Impossible to say which one I enjoyed the most. Loved 'em all.
18) 2008 Specialized Enduro Pro how could I forget that on. Had it right befor the Mach 5
Salt Lake City, UT US
6/29/2014 8:55pm
~90's, some fully rigid 'mountain bike', ended up converting into ghetto 1x commuter bike in college.
2000 - took my brother's slightly less shitty bike that had a full inch or two of fork travel and started rallying Ute Valley Park, ended up breaking about a 3 wheels in a couple months.
2001 - Santa Cruz Bullit, first real mountain bike, went through many iterations:
Came with Rock Shox Psylo Race (xc fork on 7" bike?!? put an 8" rotor on that thing and it would flex backwards an inch or two every time i used the front brake. Cant believe i didn't die with that fork and XC rims while urban hucking down stairs in college)
Manitou Sherman -> Marz 888 -> Fox 36 TALAS
Progressive 5th Element -> Fox DHX 5.0 -> Xfusion Vector Air HLR
3x9 -> 2x9 (when i converted to 2x in 2006 and got a chainguide/bashguard the shop asked 'why would you ever want to do this?') -> 1x9
2014 - Santa Cruz BronsonC, full custom

Ride it till you break it, replace the part, ride again...
Cumberland CA
6/29/2014 8:59pm
1995 Norco Mini Mountaineer
1997 GT Timberline
1999 GT XCR 3000
2001 Specialized Bighit Comp (with Super T's, later upgraded to Boxxer with ti-nitride gold stanchion and long travel rear link)
2004 Giant DHTeam (with most parts from Bighit except 24" rear wheel)
2008 Giant Reign X2
2008 Ironhorse 6point (bought in 2010 frame only closeout deal)

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