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Jumping big and small ramps and Obstacles

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6/18/2015 11:56 AM

It seems that most of you on here are very skilled riders, i use to ride and mess around in the woods building ramps when i was 10 years old and making trails and stuff... We use to jump people we had are neighbor friends lay down and we use to jump them, boy was that stupid.. Today they might have a law against that one. hahah I am guessing i did this BMX riding for 10 years, i cant remember my whole life in detail.. hahah Now like i said i am 45 i have been watching these DH videos and some with dudes just jumping these sickly high jumps! It is so crazy when i was a kid we didn't wear helmets! I did do alot of of street racing on a rode bike.. Now i am back in the woods again , i am wondering what am i not remember about jumping do we lift up as we take of and fly before landing or is that all wrong ? What are some simple tricks to think about as you are getting ready for the approach to a jump or whatever it is? thanks


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6/18/2015 8:01 PM

Check out this quick tutorial on jumping. Start small and work your way up is my best advice to you.


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