History Lesson: Evolve

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3/25/2010 6:38 PM
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This week's lesson: Trials, old trials. Ask anyone in that limited scene who has been around a while who the most important film maker is to trials and they will invariably say Reed Merschat. I say film maker because Reed used "film" in his videos too. Revolution and Evolve are trials icons. Contact was one of the first videos to showcase a new trend of street riding. Guys like Ryan and Jeff were big parts of these movies before they were in Kranked or NWD.

Uploaded by benitofloyd. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

This video (and the predecessor Revolution) may be dated today but a little over ten years ago, these videos opened up a whole new world of what was possible on a bike to my friends and me. Trials used to be a regular and pretty big part of Sea Otter, it used to be around the nationals when those were big events, and it made me love the freedom of riding a bike.

Anyways, trials is apparently not cool so hate on, haters. Everyone else, enjoy the video.


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3/25/2010 7:29 PM

this was the first bike movie I ever owned, gotta love it


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3/26/2010 10:10 AM
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No hate here, pure love! Own that vid and was the first time I saw other guys riding the way I wanted to ride. Roots, just as Tomac or Miles did for DH, these guys influnced alot of the curent street riders. And they all still rip today! Viva la Trials!