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12/16/2015 9:27 PM

Aye. I'm Owen. 15. Been on Vital bmx for a little over a year or something. Picked up mountain biking about a year ago. Love it. Now, getting to the point.

My school is getting a mountain bike team it appears, and as a freestyle bmx kid, I've picked up quiteva bit of bike handling skills, but my fitness is less than desirable, and high school league races are pretty much strait XC. What would you all recommend as sorts of training to improve my climbing and overall fitness? On the bike side of things I'm definitely over-biked, as I'm riding a 2009 Specialized Enduro, It's 1x9, not sure if it's a blessing or curse yet, I'm already tubeless, I'm on flats, so, uh, yeah. Would clips be a good Idea? This bike has to go from XC races to stuff like Downieville and the Bijou bike park in Tahoe. So any recommendations on improving the bike situation? I can't get a new bike. Sorry If I'm too vague or confusing, I have no idea where to start or go.


12/17/2015 6:49 AM

whoa, fallon! my car broke down there once. you're out there a bit, eh?

that's cool your school is getting a team. there's not a lot you can do to your bike other than riding clipless like you mentioned, but even that isn't going to do a whole lot against full XC rigs.

just have as much fun as you can with the team and get to know new people who ride. going to races will be a good experience and you'll see if you like the XC side of things. if you do, you can work on getting a more dialed XC ride someday. if not, you can keep ripping the enduro, but all racing experience is good racing experience.

fitness will come by riding a lot, even if it's on the road (fallon itself is pretty flat unless you get out to reno/tahoe, right?). have you ridden at sandy's/hacksaw's in reno? that place is a blast. you can push up and do a bunch of laps and get both fitness and skills dialed. good luck!


12/17/2015 7:45 AM

I actually live about 10 miles from the town itself, and have a mountain about 6 miles away that I ride to.

Have not ridden Hacksaw's. Sounds interesting. I think I'll bug my dad to take us up there.


12/17/2015 7:55 AM

Definitely join the team its fun to just dick around with other guys. wish my school had a team.


12/17/2015 9:52 AM

biggybuggy wrote:

I actually live about 10 miles from the town itself, and have a mountain about 6 miles away that I ride to.

Have not ridden ...more

awesome, then you're already on a good start to fitness. like jkusa said, go have fun, make memories and get some experiences.