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11/1/2019 7:20 AM

Looking to sell my 2012 ABD Flow Hard tail, and get a cheap used bike for DH/General MTB riding.

These are on my shortlist, I'm not sure which is the best, most current geometry, But the geometry doesn't really matter too much i guess.

Giant GLory DH1 17" (Medium?) Unsure of year.

Santa Cruz LT BLUR

GT DHi 2007

Specialized Demo 7 DH 2007 MEDIUM


Norco FLuid?



1. Shimano Deorro XT braked
2. Well worn Maxxis Tread
3. Front suspension RockShox Boxxer
4. Ironhorse yakuza frame
5. SRAM X7 gear shifter
6. Well worn Giant pedals
7. Van RC Fox rear shock


11/5/2019 10:26 AM

I can't really comment on the bikes as they're very dependent on preference and what you value.

As for the geometry, don't underestimate it. After riding a Norco Shore for a few years and then switching to a Transition Patrol the difference is night and day and I'll say I'll probably never ride anything but Transition frames due to their geometry. It seriously changes your ride and the overall performance of the bike. It's worth looking into a bit, but again, it's very preference based so I can't say much.

I wish you luck and hope you get something sweet.


11/5/2019 3:47 PM

I vote Blur LT for all-round riding or that DEMO 7 if you want something more park friendly. Strangly, those old Demos climb really well.


11/9/2019 2:05 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/9/2019 2:06 AM

I have this bike also available to me, He's only asking $250 for i as it needs some work.

I'm not sure of the year, Maybe 2008 Big hit FSR 1?
Fork Seals
Brakes bled/ New brakes
Gears Serviced.


11/9/2019 2:48 AM

Big Bird wrote:

I vote Blur LT for all-round riding or that DEMO 7 if you want something more park friendly. Strangly, those old Demos climb really well.

Unfortunately it sold before i was able to get it.


11/14/2019 8:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/14/2019 8:50 AM

You basically have to buy the Yakuza at this point.

All these bikes bring back fond memories, but if you bought a used enduro bike from the last couple years it would probably serve you better. You'll be able to climb stuff, and it will descend at least as well as these old DH bikes.

Edit: Big hit looks like the best deal posted so far.You could upgrade to 24" rear at some point to slack it out.


11/14/2019 12:40 PM

+1 for reconsidering your new bike choice. For your everyday rides, a 3 to 6-year-old enduro or all-mountain bike will no doubt treat you better than anything posted so far.


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11/15/2019 6:57 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/15/2019 7:26 AM

I ended up getting the Specialized Big Hit FSR 1. for $170 USD/$250AUD

I only ride maybe once a month on some rough rocky dh tracks, And every other day in our street with my son.

The bike sits tall, not sure if i can lower it anyway while retaining current suspension travel.

So far, I've changed the short 40L stem for a 60L stem, Is that 40MM/60MM? There's no other markings on the stems.

Bike needs a few things.

Pedals - They're a bit noisey/loose. Standard Specialized pedals, Guess the came on the bike, I have some on my DJ bike i can use.
Forks - Leaking a little oil, Noise coming from the bottom Left, Owner said something about the rebound damper.
Front brake - I'll just get a cheap shimano front brake
Handlebars, Need wider bars. current ones are about 640mm - 660mm, useable, But very narrow

Depending on how much all this costs, I'll be in it for under $500 aud hopefully.