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Help build a new clothing line - Singletrack Supply Co

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1/26/2017 1:17 PM

I'm starting a clothing line and am looking for thoughts and ideas from fellow riders. What do you like about what is currently available? Dislikes? Favorite material? Needs that aren't being met? Ideal cost range for jerseys, shorts and gloves?

I will be transparent and open about costs and margin - this is about providing high-end, lightweight materials at a cost that won't be prohibitive to the everyday rider. The company is going to give back 5% to trail building and advocacy programs. I want this to be about more than just providing clothing, I want it to give back to the sport.

I know what I want and like, but I want to hear from you about your needs. I appreciate any and all discussion! Thanks - Griffin


1/26/2017 7:53 PM

Good, cheapish, slightly baggy Merino Wool jerseys like Swobo. In tall sizes. No neon, I've lived through it once. The suffering is twice as bad this time.


1/26/2017 7:55 PM

Perhaps with the no chamois trend going on, do Merino wool shorts too?


1/27/2017 3:27 AM

I think i could add some thoughts here, i dont feel any brand truly offers the clothing range i personally want so here goes;

- A simple product range with easy to select gear; summer gear- light, breathable and winter gear- warm, waterproof, hard wearing, waterproof pants that dont look stupid.

- Get the fit right, if you can offer shorts with a slightly adjustable waist band, adjustable length and an easy way to home tailor/adjust how baggy the shorts fit you're already a good way to beating some companies.

- Subtle styling, all black shorts are boring, but TLD disco colours are too much, find a middle ground with a nice base colour and some subtle accents to set them apart.

- Dont kill the aesthetic of the clothing by being too functional. In my opinion, you could have the most functional piece of gear in the world but if it looks like a mcgruber vest im not wearing it, and no matter how many guys tell you they're not "all about the look".... they're all lying. Nobody wants to be the special-ed noob who brought elbow warmers out.


1/27/2017 7:39 AM

Thanks for the suggestions - it sounds like we're pretty close in the "wants" category.

We plan to do merino tops, but haven't thought of doing shorts or underwear type liners with it. Nuyarn from NZ is a really good merino fabric - softer, stretchier, warmer, drier and stronger than traditional merino. It's super functional and sustainable.

Winter gear might be a few seasons away, but good suggestion for a waterproof pant.

We would love to offer tall sizes. I'm 6'3 and skinny with a mountain biker build. I can't find the right length very often. Maybe just offer a little longer cut?

I totally agree that shorts need to have adjustability built in. Do you like velcro or should I look to something else? I don't like the snag you can get from velcro - if you're on the max adjustment it gets caught on your jersey or a sock in the laundry. They've got to fit over knee pads without looking like cargo shorts too. The shorts from 100% look solid, has anyone tried them?

I love the fit of TLD but I'm not a huge fan of the loud patterns and colors. I also don't like just a plain black tee. It's got to have a little pop to it. Recognizable, but clean.

Def not looking to get overtly functional. I like a clean aesthetic, but want it to add touches like pockets. Best placement for them on a top? Back right-hand side?


1/27/2017 7:40 AM

responsiblepirate wrote:

I think i could add some thoughts here, i dont feel any brand truly offers the clothing range i personally want so here goes;

Thanks for the suggestions - I appreciate it!


1/27/2017 7:43 AM

Big Bird wrote:

Perhaps with the no chamois trend going on, do Merino wool shorts too?

The no chamois trend is here for sure. I've tried it with mixed results - I love having the extra bit of material between me and the seat on longer rides, but hate the swamp butt you get from them. Have you used merino underwear? It's got to be nice, but I don't have any to test.