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Help Our Moto/MTB Startup Win a $100k Grant!

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6/13/2013 1:59 PM

Hey Fellow MTBrs,

My name is Jonathan Lee and I am co-founder of, a Reno/Tahoe based tech startup that revolutionizes the sport of motocross and MTB. I hope I am not stepping on any toes by posting this here, but we could really use some more help from the MTB community to win a startup competition.

My co-founder Nic Vandermade and I spent our adolescence on the track and love the sport of motocross. These days, however, we find ourselves on the pedals with our lifelong bud Paul Basagiotia far more than on the throttle (It’s a little easier on the wallet when you are poor college students/entrepreneurs living off of PB&J) We have built an app/web-service that is going to revolutionize the way people ride, train and race and we need you help!

For those of you who are MTBrs, you will recognize the base concept from Garmin Connect, mapmyride, and especially Strava. We are long time users of those services and we absolutely love them, but we feel that there is room for competition and improvement; especially for the All Mountain/Enduro/DH crowd.

The fact is, none of those services appreciate the physicality, technique, and dynamic nature of gravity oriented riding. Having spent our lives in that arena, we understand the difficulty and work required in order to be a good all around rider and not just a climber. By developing unique metrics and providing more competitive opportunities for the all around rider, will be an invaluable tool.

We are 1 of 12 finalists in a business competition with the chance at winning a $100k grant that will allow us to bring this service to all of you guys. The winner is chosen by popular vote, and we are currently neck and neck with 1 other entrant for the lead. WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

Voting is simple, takes 1 click, and requires no personal information or social integration. Simply click this link (or go to > Click ‘Go and Vote’), then click on ‘’ in the blue rectangle on the right of your screen.

The voting closes on June 21st, and your vote counts once per device, so it is CRUCIAL that you vote on all devices at your disposal and get as many people as possible to do the same.

PLEASE vote on all the devices you have and get everybody else to vote too! If we win, we will be able to get this service out to all of you and change the way we ride forever.

Thanks guys!
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