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Helmet standards

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8/17/2010 11:10 PM

i'm looking to buy a new helmet thats safe but is worth the price, i'm looking at the D3 that has six safety certificationsbut their are a lot of helmets that are 200 dollars cheaper but don't have as many safety certifications, so is the D3 worth the extra money or are you just paying for a brand?


8/18/2010 8:23 AM

In order to even be sold on shelves, a helmet has to pass a certain minimum of safety standards in this country. Anything else is extra certification tests that go above and beyond your average crash. What you are really paying for is a helmet that it lighter and probably has better quality padding or straps or whatever and of course the graphics and brand that come with it. Any helmet is a safe choice but no helmet will prevent all injury. Buy one that you're comfy in and that you're happy with its looks.


8/18/2010 9:09 AM

Fit is the most important thing in a helmet as all of them meet certain standards. Additional standards cost those companies significant money to have stamped on the helmet though. I have been buying and wearing TLD helmets for about 6 years now as I find them to be the most comfortable helmet I have worn. I just got a D3 after crashing in my D2 and breaking it as it should have broken. The D3 has more vents and some easily removable pads for emergency situations. The D3 fits better with neck braces based on how the back of the helmet is shaped.