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Gwin wins the world cup and......silence.

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8/12/2011 7:27 AM

So I think Gwin winning the world cup this year is Freakin Huge, considering his back story, his relative inexperience in Dh and the fact that he's an American all add up to the right ingredients for an amazing story of a Champion. That being said all has been quiet on the Western front with respect to him capturing the title, in fact even the official Press Release from Le bresse focussed more attention on Fabiens retirement than Gwins Championship, it was almost lost in the article. I also find it odd that I havent found an interview with Gwin, he's the bloody WC Champ with a round to go and nobody seems to want to celebrate. Is this more an indication of DH in USA or is Gwin just the type thats hard to pin down for press? I love the kid, I love his story and I've had a blast watching him come into his own this year against the best in the world, I guess Im just surprised that more people arent losing their minds over this monumental win.


8/12/2011 8:24 AM



8/12/2011 8:43 AM

Dont know about everyone else but I have been going straight BONKERS about Gwin winning the world cup. Posted right after he won on my FB and Twitter pages, not that any one noticed there either. Ive watched the La Bresse race a bunch of times, and I got the same impression everyone is more interested in Peaty DQ'ing and Barel's retirement.