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Got helicopter insurance?

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2/29/2012 8:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/29/2012 8:47 AM

There was a lot of talk about how it's irresponsible to ride without health insurance and that's been me for the last fifteen years or so. The only insurance that I do have is CalStar air lift insurance. For all of you clubs and I suppose businesses, if you can get thirty or so people to sign up, it's just thirty-five dollars a year each and the first life flight is free. Not a bad deal really. I'm trying to find a nine to five with all the perks. But until then, at least my emergency air travel is covered.


2/18/2014 7:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/18/2014 7:27 AM

I got both health insurance from BlueCross and a bike insurance policy from Velosurance Bicycle Insurance
I never heard before about CalStar and just googled it and read up about it. This looks like a very useful thing to have, actually specially for a price as theirs, which is not expensive at all. I will probably purchase it, but I am not a member of any club or anything. Does it make sense to join one before purchasing a policy?


2/18/2014 8:03 AM

Only if the club is already signed up or willing to sign up. It's a group discount rate that I get through the local community hall.


2/18/2014 10:10 AM

Thanks, good to know.


2/23/2014 12:52 AM

I like what I see here

I have been told to get a fishing license in the state of colorado...there is a claus in the membership that states you can get a free heli ride for medical attention for FREE

Colorado only I think..not 100% sure