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kbrock kbrock
9/1/2015 9:45 PM

Hi all,

I have dealt with multiple wrist injuries over the year. There may be one or several already-existent forums for such a question, so please redirect me if necessary. But I would like to know where things stand: What is the most protective wrist glove on the market at this time?

A few key points:

-EVS wrister glove is what I currently use and enjoy. It has wrist hyper-extension support, but has ZERO padding on the palmar side of the glove.

-Other gloves (Giro, Fox, Pearl) may offer some kinds of silicon or cheap plastic padding on the palm surface, but I don't see any with quality impact-resistant material - Or any that combine wrist extension protection?

-For those who might propose padding is obstructive to gripping - A] I don't find this to be the case and B] This is kind of a non-starter for me anyway: As with any protective gear, some adjustment is necessary, and protection is what I value more in this instance in order to keep doing what I love.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! :D :D :D

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coralcorn coralcorn
9/1/2015 9:56 PM


Not quite what you're asking for, but I think its something you could look at.

I've broken both wrists a few times to a point that holding on hurts on a long ride sometimes or a day in the bike park. I'm also terrified to put my hands down when i fall incase I go for another round of bad wrist.

I ride with these wrist braces a lot, they haven't caused me problems with grip. However it felt like it took a bit of breaking in to get the right angle for my wrist to bend when gripping the bars sometimes..

They're made by troy lee

I know danny hart had something a bit more advanced than those and they sell them but I can't remember the name. Also seemed much more expensive.

If you're simply looking for gloves with wrist support those might be a good bet also

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kbrock kbrock
9/1/2015 10:14 PM

Hi coralcorn,

Thanks a lot for a really helpful post. I hear you, and have shared your experience too. I am pretty satisfied as far as wrist extension protection goes, but am specifically looking to add in impact protection too if possible - specifically with some bolstered padding on the palmar surface of the glove. I'm familiar with that TLD brace (which looks great, by the way), but am looking for this specific type of feature if possible. Would you know of any type of glove that has this?

Not just trying to avoid scaphoid hyper-extension type injuries, but also trying to avoid scapholunate ligament injuries on the palmar side of the wrist from direct blows - thus a desire for some padding (like VPD?).

Fortunately the wrists feel great now, but I had a recent scare from a few wipeouts that left me wanting more in that area...Would like to protect it at all cost. Predictably, some may say "learn to fall on crunched fists or your elbow" instead, but this is not always possible despite best efforts, and sometimes unavoidable...

Cheers man, keep on riding!!

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kbrock kbrock
9/2/2015 1:36 AM

This is a better illustration of what I am talking about - I'm looking for an ideal padding solution somewhere in these key areas? I marked exactly where I took a few hits several weekends ago.

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