Freeride Battles - Fest Series Parts Ways with Darkfest

5/18/2021 2:23pm Edited Date/Time 5/18/2021 2:24pm
Maybe the Fest Series (whatever entity/owners that actually is) demanded exclusivity of media related to the events, which would take away from Sam being able to post content on his YouTube/Instagram (which is a large part of how he earns his living and delivers value to his sponsors)? Would be dumb if that's what Fest is setting out to do.

Either way, the come out looking like elitist assholes... from reading comments on here, PB, social media posts, it's about 95% negative to Fest. Oopsy.
5/19/2021 1:38am Edited Date/Time 5/19/2021 2:56am
BellsRenn wrote:
"THE FEST SERIES The Fest Series is a counter culture jam format founded by seven likeminded pro Mountain bike Free riders who couldn't express their style...
The Fest Series is a counter culture jam format founded by seven likeminded pro Mountain bike Free riders who couldn't express their style of riding in the existing events at the time and therefore created their own platform of events.

For years, contests had been developed by corporations and promotors - Lacking innovation, vision, creativity and above all else, input from the riders themselves.

The Fest Series has changed all that and vaulted their jam format to become THE INDUSTRY'S MOST POPULAR EVENT in 2015, as voted on by the 4 Million monthly users of

With jumps of magnitude that have never been seen before, features that don't exist anywhere else on earth, trails that have been meticulously designed by the world’s top riders and courses have been painstakingly constructed to give riders total and absolute freedom.

This jam format has quickly become one of the world's most anticipated and celebrated mountain biking series.

With a selection of the sport’s most elite talents showing up to impress their peers; each new event raises the bar of what is possible on a mountain bike."

The above is directly from the Fest Series website... and they literally boast about 4 million monthly pinkbike users saying its awesome, meanwhile seem to condemn Darkfest for what; going against these core values?? FFS Fest Series wake up.
Given the write up... how does Darkfest NOT LINE UP with this?
Just my opinion - but Darkfest makes the Fest series accessible to the ordinary person. Few are as classy as Reynolds.
Best event of 2015 lol

All the same, stopping a spin because someone wants to shoot a video is a pain in the hoop. I can’t imagine how shit it must be to go out with a video crew.
5/24/2021 5:37am
I seem to be in the minority but...

I fully understand that the vibe of an event is completely different when there's a couple of people constantly vlogging compared to filming one official edit like the other fest events. I love the Loosefest XL edit for example.

From reading the statement (posted in theis thread) on why they started the series I understand that Darkfest is run in a different way than what was the plan with Fest-series.

With that said I like Darkest and follow all that content to.

That pressrelease from Fest-series wasn't very well thought out, timed or written though...

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