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k.shiz k.shiz
5/30/2011 12:11 PM

... so that's happening now.

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speedbump speedbump
5/30/2011 7:34 PM

Well thats different...

The flying monkey

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jackhill jackhill
6/1/2011 7:07 AM

i really have nothing positive to say about this. fixies were kinda cool maybe 6 years ago, but that was just cuz they were a novelty. now theyve become like another hipster fashion accessory. if your gonna ride bmx, get a damn bmx. dont handicapp yourself. but once upon a time i have seen a cool fixie video, but they were doing tricks that were legitimately unique and required a fixed gear. and that was a long time ago. what happened to that stuff? this just looks awkward, and not very much fun.


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GLUeman GLUeman
6/1/2011 7:37 AM

I agree with Jackhill. I can do grinds and 180's down stairs on my daughters 16 inch Princess bike but that doesn't make it cool...just weird and limited. These bikes are starting to look like 26 inch street bikes now so why not just ride a REAL bike? I will sum this up by saying..... Meh.

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jefedelosjefes jefedelosjefes
6/1/2011 8:28 AM

I too am perplexed as why these people don't ride normal bikes, but rag on them all you like you've gotta recognize they have some crazy skill... crazy hipster skill. I can't even ride one of those damn things down a hill, not to mention doing tricks on one.

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Five7teen Five7teen
6/1/2011 8:35 AM

Yeah they've got skill but I dont think its the actual fixed geared bikes that bug everyone... its the "hipster" that gets on everyones nerves.

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Alex_Walker Alex_Walker
6/1/2011 8:50 AM

So how is this fixed? Half of them are freewheeling. Cheaters. Hipsters that are too hip for fixed gears?!

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Five7teen Five7teen
6/1/2011 9:33 AM
Alex_Walker wrote:

So how is this fixed? Half ...more

haha too hip for fixies, nice! Its a combo of both fixed gears and single speeds...

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socnick socnick
6/1/2011 10:08 AM

I have a feeling the process of evolution will eliminate the Hipster Gene if they continue to think they are "too cool" to not wear helmets when jumping and tricking on a 19" frame.

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Mbeard Mbeard
6/1/2011 11:00 AM

Don't quit your day job....

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TrueLies TrueLies
6/1/2011 11:04 AM

At least those people wont get up the mountain and pollute my trails. Thumbs up to Chris Akrigg for winning the Mini Drome, he is a true bike rider.

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harley.henigson harley.henigson
6/1/2011 11:18 AM

I agree with most of you guys on here about the freestyle bs, but I think the idea of an obstacle course is legit. It's taking what people actually do on a fixie, e.g. being a messenger and riding in traffic and making it a competition.... but the rest, meh.

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letsgetit letsgetit
6/1/2011 11:33 AM

"The best in the game"..............................was it the guy throwing up gang signs on the fixie? A mac-10 holster would be hip. Right? I'm confused I guess.

Positive: I guess they are riding some form of bike?

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Pete Pete
6/1/2011 11:35 AM

At least they're riding bikes.

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Dynamatt Dynamatt
6/1/2011 1:26 PM

Too cool for helmets?

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kidwoo kidwoo
6/1/2011 4:09 PM
I can do grinds and 180's down stairs on my daughters 16 inch Princess bike but that doesn't make it cool...

I could not possibly disagree more.
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bturman bturman
6/1/2011 4:47 PM
kidwoo wrote: I can do grinds and 180's ...more

Haha. For sure. Prove it!

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Mbeard Mbeard
6/1/2011 7:18 PM
Pete wrote:

At least they're riding ...more

Your right. I will say that the fixie craze has gotten a lot more people out on bikes over the past few years. And that's good for the cycling industry.

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Scharney127 Scharney127
6/1/2011 7:54 PM

I go to school near where a lot of these foolios kick it, one of them (ging with the red afro) used to shredd moto and dirt jumps but I guess he went to the darkside... Shame... And that one fool Kenny Arimoto who talks was telling me at the skate park that he's just about ready to nut up and cop a bmx, so maybe it'll die out...

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6/1/2011 10:34 PM

If anyone is interested I'm having a mass suicide at my place on saturday. Bring your own device for self-dispatch.

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letsgetit letsgetit
6/2/2011 2:42 AM
FCTRY wrote:

If anyone is interested ...more

Can I wear my little sister's jeans?

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Joe_Simpson Joe_Simpson
6/2/2011 4:33 PM

entering a comp and doing tricks on a fixie is only acceptable if you're doing it ironically

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