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First Fully on Budget

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8/7/2020 11:17 PM


I wanna get my first fully for the mountains around town but I am on a rly tight budget.
Can anyone recommend a good but cheap, maybe out of date fully which is rly affordable and good to have fun with?

I'm not so worried about pedalling because I pedaled up a mountain on a bmx. I think every bike with gears will be easier than that :D Also it doesnt bother me to step off the bike if the hill gets too steep (upward).

Pls let me know what u can recommend! doesn't matter the "terrain" its made for.
Also do u know any good websites for EU/Germany where i can browse some bikes? (used &or new)

Thx in advance


8/9/2020 10:58 PM


8/17/2020 12:57 PM