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Dj rim suggestions

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1/26/2015 10:39 AM

What's your two cents on dirt jumping rims?
I'm building a new wheelset with hope pro Evo 2s and I'm looking into what rims I should get. Sun ringle, mavic and atomlab seem common..?


1/26/2015 10:58 AM

My advice is light but strong. Rotational weight can suck while spinning/tricking. The rear wheel seems to take more abuse while dirt jumping, so consider going to a 36 spoke wheel if you really want it to last. I'd suggest sticking with tubes for your DJ bike to avoid any crazy blowouts, so the rim choices can be a little more affordable because of it. Mavic's rims are a great bet.


1/26/2015 5:25 PM

I was always a die hard Sunn Rhino Light man. I'm not sure what the modern equivalent is. They served me well for years from xc to slalom to dh to dirt jumping and trials.


1/27/2015 9:17 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/27/2015 9:25 AM

Mavic 721s are my go-to. I bent or broke everything else I ever tried.