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Difficult with Ellsworth refund issue

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12/30/2018 7:05 PM

What should I do? Bought the marked (New) Ellsworth budah 1 year ago and came with big scratches and bad design. The rear brake flexes and hits frame which causes drop out to loosen and wheel to fall off Photo
I returned at sea otter classic last year and they refused to refund. They have bike and money.


12/30/2018 7:51 PM

Did the bike come with a warranty?

Why did you let them take your bike? Why did they want to take it?

Did you buy direct from them, or from a dealer?

Why is the word "New" in quotation marks in the ad, was it one of their Demo bikes for sale?

I need more information before I can even try to point you in the right direction.


12/31/2018 1:46 AM

I was a collector of having 5 bikes and jerseys etc I see them at sea otter classic every year. Bought From Ellsworth bikes web site direct. It was under the demo bikes section. They had 2 buddah's left 1 was marked demo used other "New" for a little more money.I called and asked and they said was brand new but displayed at show. I bought it because it said new and didn't look at pics they included that showed a big scratch on wheel and small one on frame. When I got the bike I didn't realize it would have those scratches but my fault for not looking at pics. I was fine with scratches then after riding the bike I realized the rear brake is not that good of a design the rear brake can flap back and fourth which loosens up the rear drop out every ride there are other bikes with better design. The bike msrp on their site was $6000 I bought it for $3000 with what I thought mediocre parts at the $6000price . Xt brakes 1x11. My friends we concerned about frame flex also. At sea otter classic I returned it to them personally and said we would figure out. I thought they would of helped a collector who was about to buy 3 new bikes. They were only interested in selling the one old bike. Ellsworth has a program when you click on their site 100% satisfaction for 30 days or send bike back The bike being I think a 2010 they said doesn't qualify.


12/31/2018 2:10 AM

I dont want to bash Ellsworth bikes. I dont know why their pushing so hard to sell that bike and not taking care of customer especially a collector who shows their bikes off everywhere I get so many questions because I take their bikes everywhere and ride all styles I even tracked down a coefficient carbon road bike. I even said I'd take $2800 back they can have $200 for restalking fee. If the rear wheel didn't want to fall off every ride I was considering buying the other buddah for my girlfriend.


12/31/2018 11:10 AM

You say you bought the bike one year ago. but didn't try to get a refund from Ellsworth until Sea Otter. That is way outside the 30 day refund window you mentioned, so they are under no obligation to refund you the money. And if they say there is no warranty because it is a 2010 model, then you are out of luck.

Get the bike back and replace the frame with something that actually works. Use the parts from the Buddha to help build a bike with the new frame. Use the Buddha frame as a show piece on your wall, trash it, send it in for recycling, turn it into abstract art, do whatever you want with it except for sell it. You are just going to have to eat the added expense from not paying enough attention to what you were buying, and the after purchase customer support you would be entitled to.


1/1/2019 5:40 AM

Ah ok. I bought it January arranged returning it at sea otter in April. But yes I realize I dont have much option. It sucks because parts have scratches and dents for being new. It came with broken headset spacers


1/1/2019 5:46 AM

My Ellsworth method frame failed also and they wouldn't do anything about it. After 2 weeks the pivot bearings fell out wont stay in. They said it was normal and put loctite on. My bike shop did the recommended fix and still bearings fell out. So I cut pieces of soda can and JB welded bearings in. I called them a lot and they never did anything about it.


1/1/2019 5:51 AM

My specialist frame drop outs cracked after a couple months riding. My bike shop sent them the frame right away it took me 2 years to get them to warranty me for store credit. I'm not a big rider 144 lbs with smooth riding touch. I obviously wont buy Ellsworth Bikes again and a sucker for staying this long


1/20/2019 1:40 AM

Serious question: why the hell would you buy an Ellsworth bike in 2018/2019?


1/20/2019 6:51 AM

Hopefully I did better. I now have a canyon torque carbon, morpheus v slope and swapped the road bike out and got a Pinnarello dogma f10


1/21/2019 2:02 PM

Broken headset spacers!!Bwahahaha.

Never buy an Ellsworth, I had Dare back in the day. They powder coated the bearing bores on the swingarm. Then proceeded to stuff the bearings in, stretching the bores out.
After a month of use, I thought the bearings felt like crap so I changed them.
I pressed the bearings out and the powder coat came out with the bearing.
Obviously, the new bearings fell right in the bores and rattled around.
Ellsworth would do nothing for me. (I used Loctite to retain the bearings in the swingarm)
A month later I broke the frame and they refused warranty.
Claiming riding on the North Shore of Vancouver wasn't typical riding and outside their warranty.

Fuck Ellsworth.