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sofa king slow sofa king slow
12/4/2014 7:46 PM

Please stop overusing and trying to adapt the word banger to mountain biking. You're making us sound like a bunch of kooks.

A banger is a really, really sick skateboarding trick, usually at the end of a video part. It is probably an NBD (Never Been Done, please don't start using that either) or NBD at that spot. It is sick enough that anyone watching would need to rewind the clip several times before collapsing in disbelief. BMXers can maybe get away with using it in the same context. MAYBE you could get away with using it to mean the same thing when referring to MTB slopestyle. The way you're using it is akin to describing the bread bowl you had for lunch at Panera as "epic".

If you absolutely feel you have to use it, here is an example of appropriate context:

The Edge of Reason and Beyond - The Rise of Vinny T: The clip of Vinny's save at 1:05 is a banger!


The Edge of Reason and Beyond - The Rise of Vinny T: He's enjoyed a banger 2014, as this video will attest to.

Thanks. Keep Vital awesome.

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iceman2058 iceman2058
12/5/2014 2:02 AM

I've had some pretty epic lunches, actually. Taco Bell's new Quesarito is a banger. wink

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Colin McCarthy Colin McCarthy
12/5/2014 4:33 AM
iceman2058 wrote:

I've had some pretty epic ...more

Maybe the he meant to say banner but the auto corract changes to banger. maybe you coud say he had a quesarito year or better yet a dorito loco taco yeaer then we wood know what you mean

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sofa king slow sofa king slow
12/5/2014 8:47 AM

Mitch Ropelato's gap to wallride that's playing in the Specialized ad on the side of my screen right now is an extra cheesy Quesarito.

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