Cockpit discussion. Comfy ripper or over-thinker?

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6/21/2018 10:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/21/2018 4:29 PM

Your cockpit on your bike (bars, stem, stack height, grips, lever position etc.) is often something that we amateurs overlook or consider not as important as other features and components on a bike.

Do you even care about your cockpit? Do you scrutinize the rise, sweep, stack height, and roll (forward/back) on the bars you run? Are you driven crazy if your levers and shifter (yes that's singular) are a millimeter too far inside, outside, or tilted improperly? Is a long stem on your enduro bike a no-no? Does running a bell make you a kook or is it a good way to avoid killing hikers? Can you even ride your bike if you don't have proper grips??

Lately, I personally have really been paying attention to the little things about my cockpit and wanted to pick the brains of other vital members.

Let me know what you guys think!

Sweat the details or just ride your damn bike?


I try to do less thinking and more sending.

6/21/2018 4:14 PM

I'm more of a set of and forget it other than checking bolts. BUT, if it's off a mm in any direction, I'll notice for sure. I like to run the roll parallel with the forks if that makes sense. Running stock bars at the moment so I haven't looked into rise or sweep yet. Oh, and brakes? Flat/moto style of course!


6/21/2018 4:39 PM

I set my stuff up carefully, then forget it. Occasionally I'll try a different lever position but I usually end up going back to what I know.